Top 18 Fat Burning Foods For Women

The top 18 foods that women should eat to lose weight fast and burn fat fast. It isn’t easy to lose weight fast. People always say that a lifestyle change needs to be made in order to lose the weight and keep it off. We are also told that to lose weight we need to eat healthier and work out regularly. Well, it’s true, and in this video, we’ll count down the top foods women should eat when they are trying to lose weight!

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18. Citrus Fruits: According to a study done in 2016 by the American Chemical Society, citrus fruits can prevent obesity-related heart disease, diabetes, and liver disease. One way to get more citrus in your diet is by adding them to your water.

17. Walnuts: We have known for a while that eating nuts is good for you, but now we know which ones are the best to eat. A study in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism found that walnuts, in particular, contain an ingredient that can satisfy your appetite, making you feel fuller for longer. This will cause you eat less!

16. Popcorn: The University of Scranton performed a study that found that popcorn contains large amounts of polyphenols. Polyphenols are linked to many health benefits such as improved digestion and better blood circulation. If you don’t add any salt, butter or oil, and if you air pop your popcorn, this can be a great healthy snack to help you lose weight.

15. Berries: Scientists at Harvard University found in 2016 that increasing the daily intake of berries, such as blueberries and strawberries, can help people lose weight for the long term. It is said that the reason for this is because berries have high amounts of flavonoids which have been linked to weight loss.

14. Whole Grains: A Tufts University study proved that people who eat three or more daily servings of whole grains such as oatmeal had 10 percent less belly fat than people who ate the same amount of white carbs. This is said to be because whole grains are higher in fiber, which keeps you full for longer.

13. Avocados: A study published in the journal Internal Medicine Review found that avocados can help people lose weight for many reasons. The reason for this weight loss is because avocados are rich in many nutrients that help with higher intakes of fiber, healthy fats, vitamins E and C, folate, magnesium, copper and potassium.

12. Cayenne Pepper: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition performed a study that found that daily consumption of one of the compounds found in pepper speeds up abdominal fat loss. It does this by boosting the body’s ability to convert food into energy. Next time you’re cooking, add some cayenne pepper to spice up some meat or vegetarian dishes.

11. Salmon: A 2015 study from Kyoto University found that salmon helps your body transform fatty white fat cells into fat-burning beige cells. Salmon helps build muscle when following a steady workout routine. It also contains the right types of fats, such as Omega-3s, which helps your body burn more fat.

10. Cinnamon: Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that cinnamaldehyde, which is an essential oil in cinnamon, activates thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a metabolic bodily process that helps burn calories and produce heat. So if you add some cinnamon to your oatmeal in the morning, you’re literally going to be burning fat cells.

9. Apples and Pears: Research which was posted on the US National Library of Medicine in 2003 stated the results of a study by the State University of Rio de Janeiro on a correlation between apples, pears, and weight loss. Women were instructed to eat apples, pears, or oatmeal cookies three times a day. After 12 weeks the group that had a fruit supplement lost more weight and had a greater decrease in blood glucose than the group that ate the oatmeal cookies.

8. Chicken: A 2013 study in the medical journal Obesity found that boosting dietary protein decreases total body fat and abdominal fat and helps increase lean body mass and your body’s energy expenditure during periods of weight maintenance and weight loss.

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How to Read and Comprehend Scientific Research Articles

How to Read and Comprehend Scientific Research Articles

This tutorial will discuss how to read a scientific article, how to find the main points of the article, and how to take effective notes.

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John Meadows Best Gyms In America | Bob's Fitness Complex

John Meadows Best Gyms In America | Bob's Fitness Complex

This could be my favorite gym ever. Bob’s Fitness Complex might look like just another avrige gym from the outside but its far from that. If you can think of a piece of equipment they have it. And if they don’t just talk to Bob and he will make it happen. If you are a bodybuilder, crossfitter strongman, powerlifter, or just the average weekend warrior this is the gym for you. You will not be judged and that’s how it should be. If you ever get the chance to come you wont be sorry.

As always make sure you tag any gyms you want me to come to in the comments. I might just show up and pay them a visit.

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On June 1, 1996 we officially opened our 20000 sq.ft. gym for business and I fulfilled dream of providing the community where I grew up with a superior equipped fitness facility that people can go to workout and get treated like family. I believe with providing the correct environment combined with equipping your facility with enough and the best equipment selection then anyone can dare to dream and achieve their individual fitness goals from young to old, athletic or weekend warrior. My team and I can make a difference in people’s lives. I have sold many memberships where our facility was the first workout that members have ever had and everytime it reminds me of my past and how much responsibility my team and I have to each person that walks through our door that I meet. That first workout with us could be the beginning of something beautiful and great for that member.

In the fall of 2010 I decided that our business had grown in such a way that the name Powerhouse Gym did not represent what our business had become or the members that we service. So staying true to my beliefs and following my heart, I decided to change the name of my business to Bob’s Fitness Center – “Your Neighborhood Gym”. I feel that the name fits who really are today. I really enjoy the intimacy that me and my team can have from day to day operational contact with our members. I have always had aspirations of providing our level of service and equipment selection to other communities than the Bellevue/South Omaha community, but if in my lifetime, I only own one gym and it is our gym in Bellevue where me and my team can service our neighbors and our friends than I have had a great life and one that my family can be proud of me for.
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I know that our members really appreciate being able to talk to me. As many of you know I am not pretentious by any means and I love our members. I really enjoy listening to what their thoughts, idea’s, and concerns are about our gym. I love our gym and members so much that I will do whatever I can to ensure that they have a great place to workout. ​​​​​​​​

In 2013 we expanded our facility by adding a 7000 sq.ft. CrossFit Room and a 3000 square foot specialty strength room for the Powerlifting/Strongman Enthusiasts. At the time we established a license CrossFit Affiliate : CrossFit BFC and our CrossFit room had every piece of equipment that a stand alone CrossFit Box had. After a 18 months we decided to drop the affiliate and open the room up to all of our members all of the time. It has been very well received and more of our members are exposed to different types of equipment and training. the Specialty Strength Room was put together for the strongman/powerlifting enthusiasts. This area is located in the back of our gym and some what isolated so that our members that compete in Powerlifting Competitions have the ability to mimic the Competition day prep. This area provides equipment from Elite FTS, HammerStrength, Legend Fitness, Rogue, Westside Barbell, Ivanko and Texas Power Systems. Any person wanting to train for a competition or just want to workout on what the pro’s do, we got you covered.

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The Best Science-Based Diet to Build Lean Muscle (ALL MEALS SHOWN!)

The Best Science-Based Diet to Build Lean Muscle (ALL MEALS SHOWN!)

When it comes to building muscle and adding size to your frame, your muscle building diet is going to be the most important factor that you have to get right. Because simply put, when you implement a proper diet to build muscle, it will enable you to perform that much better in the gym and physically recover and progress that much faster. However, the unfortunate part is that most people are completely lost with what a diet to gain muscle should look like and what the best foods to eat for muscle gain really are. Luckily, in this video we’ll cover exactly what the best diet to gain muscle really is and how to eat for muscle growth. Towards the end of the video, I’ll also provide a muscle building meal plan that you can get started with right away. Enjoy!


Jeremy Ethier Built With Science Workout Programs

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The Best Science-Based Diet To Build Lean Muscle (10 Studies)


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News Wrap: New York City declares public health emergency over measles outbreak

In our news wrap Tuesday, New York City declared a public health emergency over a growing measles outbreak. City officials have confirmed 285 cases of the disease in Brooklyn and Queens since September, mostly among members of the Orthodox Jewish community. Also, President Trump insisted he does not plan to reinstate the policy of separating migrant children from parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Tonal: An entire gym mounted on your wall

The Tonal trainer doesn’t need bulky weights to create resistance — it uses electricity to give you up to 200 pounds of resistance, and it comes with a built-in personal trainer .

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Scarsdale Diet

Is this diet right for me? Watch this video to find out. Adding ProSpinach Appethyl to any diet will help reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods by 95%

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Telemedicine – WVU Medicine Health Report

Not all rural hospitals have the specialists necessary to treat every patient… but thanks to Telemedicine, those needed experts can be consulted remotely to help diagnose and treat conditions like stroke, epilepsy, arthritis and psychiatric issues.

Dr. John Phillips has more in this week’s WVU Medicine Health Report.
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14 Fun Fitness Partner Games For Group Workouts

14 Fun Fitness Partner Games For Group Workouts

Fitness games have a beneficial effect on health and can significantly improve agility, motor skills, hand eye co-ordination, cardio endurance, as well as sensory motor learning amongst other things.

This is critical for kids but important for everyone as adults are losing these properties as well which deteriorates health and ability.
Beyond those reasons we use games because it gets people to have fun.

Watch someone playing a parter animal move game and tell me if anyone isn’t smiling and laughing while working hard. It takes us back to kid like playing and connects play to fun.
It also creates positive competition and challenging one another to be better which creates connection and community.

This is how healthy individuals and communities are built.
Take tag, why it’s universally so popular is that it taps into something primal and fundamental about what makes us human beings. For centuries children have been chasing each other around on playgrounds, and before that, they merely chased each other around in open spaces.

There are so many physical skills involved in playin tag – skills that children grasp intuitively without formal instruction. They learn how to control their muscles by accelerating, stopping while sprinting around. They improve their agility, balance, co-ordination, accuracy and precision. They learn how to pivot, focus, and reach. And they learn basics of tactics and strategy too.

Like I mentioned before, there are social benefits in tag (and any other partner game). It’s high intensity activity but one that leads to laugher and fun. It’s impossible to play without laughing, shouting, and having a good time. You can play with friends or strangers.

With that said, we wanted to share just some of the games we incorporate into our programs so that our clients (both kids and adults) can develop the above skills, while creating bonds, and enjoying fun high intensity training.

Try one (or a couple) of these fitness partner games next time you’re “working out.”

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