मोटापा और पेट कम करने का 5 गजब आसान तरीके | 5 Super Easy Exercise for belly fat

5 Super Easy Exercise for belly fat More Effective then Zumba Dance Workout for weight loss

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in this video you will get 5 great easy exercise for belly fat &
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20 Responses to मोटापा और पेट कम करने का 5 गजब आसान तरीके | 5 Super Easy Exercise for belly fat

  1. Vijay Kumar says:

    super exercise madam

  2. Jasandeep Gill says:

    How do you lap and weights

  3. Himanshu Bajpai says:

    Mam agar pet nikal rha h to kya us pr vicks lgane se fayda hoga kya ye shi h

  4. Nikhil Dwivedi says:

    Mam, you are amazing and pretty😘 You are really doing a great job and we all thank 🙏💕you for that. Just one request while shooting exercise do shoot it from at least 2-3 angles so we can exercise as it is. Thank you so much I appreciate your work!🙂

  5. Ruchi Jain says:

    Kya isse hamare hands ka weight bhi lose hoga

  6. Äñjáļì qùééń møh says:

    Nice vdo but aap bolti bhout ho…!!!!

  7. L.k. Rathod says:

    Mam wet kam Ho jayega

  8. Kausar Imran says:

    Mem aap ka number do

  9. Bhadra Gupta says:

    Very nice

  10. Nafisa Shaikh says:

    Mam plz exercise on height growth

  11. Kuldeep Gujjar says:


  12. Fatima Arif says:

    Morning exercise bhi bataye

  13. Sukhwinder Singh says:


  14. Rudraksh Kala Manch says:

    Very nice information…Very useful…And ur explanation is just wow

  15. Asad Alam says:

    Very good Exercise

  16. Meena Porwal says:

    Download option on krdo na

  17. Meena Porwal says:

    Just now i have suscribed u…plz give me a heart😊😍😍😘


    Mam mera weight km nai horha ky kruu grm pani p rhi tb vv

  19. Golam Mostafa sk says:

    tumara badan 😋😋😮😋😋

  20. Golam Mostafa sk says:

    hi darling

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