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Girl in her 20s. Living in Hong Kong, working a full time office job in Marketing and making YouTube videos on the side. Also a Certified Advanced Personal Trainer.
(: MY FAVOURITE THINGS: Workout To Eat, My Family, Dog & Boyfriend


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  1. Emi Wong says:

    Hashtag #ChangeWithEmi to update your progress and see how everyone is doing on Instagram! Let's motivate and support each other in this fitness family (:

  2. Tari says:

    Someone explain to me what "benchmark" mean ??

  3. alvina verghis says:

    What does LISS or AR stand for

  4. Fatima Saad says:

    What is the meaning of liss and AR?

  5. summerkisses_xo says:

    Wow just wow. Thank you Emi for this workout calendar! At first I was skeptical because 10 mins seemed like a very short time to workout (I used to do 45mins-1hr workout calendars years back) and was not expecting much but this really works! It's perfect for me because I get to adjust the calendar according to my schedule (I work shift hours). I'm starting to see definition in my core, arms and legs and my diet hasn't really changed except for the fact that I /try/ to eat healthier. Anyway, my reps were 246 at the start and today which is my last day it went up to 280. This works guys. Looking forward to more workouts from you Emi. You make working out fun and bearable and I actually look forward to doing the workouts with you. 🙆‍♀️

  6. lil max says:

    Does this exercise suitable for overweight person? Its kind of hard for me to follow..

  7. Rozanna vd K. says:

    Thankyou Emi you really help me get excited to workout and do different kinds of workout all the time so I dont get bored (cuz I get bored easily and then tend to give up) thankyou so much!! Xx

  8. Bellacorra1 says:

    Heyoo i have a question i dont know what time i should do this. Morning or afternoon?

  9. Stale Chip & Pirogi says:

    Beginning score: 150
    End score: 245
    Am doing this for the second month in a row. Can’t wait to see how much more I improve!!!

  10. dance. lotte says:

    Just found it and began
    First score: 234 (I’m so proud of me!!) and I’m excited to push through this in order to achieve my dream!
    Update after Week 1: well, I got sick and had to stop for a few days. I will start soon with week two^^

  11. skai Lee says:

    Finally going to start on this one month workout plan and will try to provide weekly progress! I’m so Glad that Emi provided us with this workout planner because with more structure, I feel the need to stay committed and disciplined, thank you Emi!!
    Day 1: couldn’t continue with some of the exercises without stopping to catch a breath 🙁 but i made it up with some Cycling and jogging!! I also made the effort to walk home aft having my lunch instead of taking the bus
    Day 4: Ive been following the workout plan for the past few days (surprisingly) and I make sure to make a mark on the calendar after completing that day's workouts. tbh i kinda wanted to slack today and almost ended up doing the 10min leg stretches instead but i forced myself to do the 15min no jumping workout!! it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be, my legs did hurt quite a bit while i was doing the exercises but my legs arent aching as much now i thought it would

  12. Thilagum Cadervaloo says:

    Hi Emi! Just finished this one month workout ! I have to admit that for once I didn't give up and you & Chad always keeps me motivated to work harder. So when I started my benchmark score was 214 and now it's 262! I didn't change my diet and I haven't lost weight but I can sense some changes + I can now do many exercises that I couldn't do earlier. Thank you so much !
    I'll do this again for another month and will update after I finish

  13. Sin hee Kim says:

    I don t really get the score part someone explain me pleaaaase

  14. Savita Kumari says:

    So I started this workout today….
    My legs are numb! And I'm sweating like a pig. After seeing the burpees, I was sure I'd quit but I finished all of the benchmark exercises. I was guessing that my total reps would be around 90-100 BUT I actually could do 205!!! I'm so hyped!
    (I'm 5ft 2in and 69 kgs – overweight.)
    I'll post my updates regularly! I'm soooooo motivated to continue with this schedule.

  15. Ellen Chen says:

    Just did the benchmark and my score is 264! See you all back here in a month!

  16. atheeka haleem says:

    you really look like lee jong suk huh

  17. Ramona Krincheva says:

    Hi Emi, I just started doing your workouts and trying to find the calendar for the summer workout plan, but i can't find it. 🙁 Can you please help? You are wonderful and trainings are amazing

  18. Joanna Irene says:

    Im gonna be honest, this 1 month workout calender REALLY WORKS!! I lost 2kgs in 1 1/2 month (im changing my eating habits too) and i can see the results!! My stomach flatter a lil' bit, my legs and arms are getting more toned with less fats, and i can see my booty poppin' lol 😂. I'm a scolioser and I don't know why but after used to doing these workouts, my back pain isn't that painful as before. I've been doin' these workouts routinely now and hopefully I can reach my goal very soon! I am really really really recommend you guys to do so if you're new/just wanted to start ur own fitness journey. Thank you Emi 姐姐!! 😍

    *I'm so sorry for my lack of english grammar 😅

  19. Kami Heyler says:

    I don't know if you or anyone can help but I have a bit of a stomach pouch and it seems no matter what I do. I can't seem to lose it. I'm still doing this workout but it's a little disheartening

  20. Jimena Nieto says:

    I'm beggining with this and man i suck at counting while i exercise, so can anyone help on not to loose my counting track?? Thx

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