10 Tips To NOT Screw Up Your Diet!

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Gentlemen, congratulations on your decision to eat healthier and clean-up your diet. This year, you are back, buff, and better than ever! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is going over ten tips to keep your diet successful. Remember, you can set anything you set your mind to. The only thing standing in your way is YOU.

How Not to Sabotage Your Diet Success

1. Prior planning and preparation of meals is critical and key to diet success

2. Cook your meals in advance and have them ready in the fridge

3. Don’t have ‘just one’ because when have you had ‘just one’? Don’t have that 1st taste!

4. Don’t worry about throwing-out food that you paid for – get the crap out of your house

5. Nobody (not even your mamma) cares what you eat! So don’t think you have to be polite if someone has cooked a meal. You can be selective and/or practice portion control. Eat before you go and drink water to fill you up.

6. When eating out at a restaurant, know what you’re ordering before you get there and don’t even open the menu.

7. A cheat meal is OK, but not a cheat ‘day’! It takes 3 – 5 days to get your body cranking, and when you throw in a super bad day of bad food selections, your body has to pick up steam again. A cheat meal doesn’t have the same effect.

8. Fluctuation on the scale happens to all of us – if Alpha eats a meal that he’s not used to, he can gain 5 pounds via water retention. Further, alcohol screws everything up further because your body handles it differently than regular food.

9. Don’t blame your age for weight. Yes, your metabolism will give you the finger when you get older, BUT you can still succeed. Just figure out that formula.

10. Don’t start tomorrow!? Start TODAY! If you stuck to your diet when you started the 1st time, where would you be today!?

20 thoughts on “10 Tips To NOT Screw Up Your Diet!

  1. Damn guys you’ve gotta like this video now. Alpha ruined his diet for the thumbnail, now that’s dedication.

  2. 7min for 10 tips?? Dude be a bit more manly and wrap up… don’t be a like a little girl whisper stupid stories in my ears… jeez

  3. Aaron has the most powerful motivational power in the world. I have no words and I'm starting today!(Thanks so much)

  4. I know this is for guys but it was the first video that popped up and it helped me out so much! I've been on my diet for 2 weeks and was on a roll dropping weight but this weekend hit hard! I haven't binged entirely but I've been nibbling on crap here and there. Thanks for the motivation! I'm ready to get focused again and keep working towards my goal 💪 thanks again!

  5. Really enjoy all of your videos man. Even the ones that don’t necessarily pertain to me I find myself watching “just because” . Great channel, very motivating and have helped me in different aspects of my own personal life. Keep up the great content. You sir are awesome 💪🏽

  6. I am down 130 pounds over the last 14 months. I remember seeing this video last year it did help me focus and I am on the path to the greatest fitness level I have ever achieved. Thank you

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