24 thoughts on “10 Weeks to First Competition — Figure, Fitness Model and Bikini Posing and Measurements

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  3. actually calories are all that matter.1800 calories of doughnuts is the same as 1800 of healthy food. i think what you meant to say, was nutrition, NUTRITION! calories in vs calories out will always be weight loss! its proven science.

  4. Go girl! I am super motivated! The calorie thing is on point too-I was eating 80% clean in my opinion but once I went all out my body really transformed!

  5. My god…. Do your research. You might be getting results from a huge amount of calories but you have to know that a calorie is a form of energy, there are no “good calories” and “bad calories” it’s the quantity of sustenance you’re putting into your body which triggers how full you feel so you stop eating.

    I was all happily watching this video until you mentioned calories.

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  10. Just a tip. Looks like you tan in a booth. it creates a white line under the bump cheeks. Remember when you lay down to not roll your pelvis under or, tan semi-side with a bent leg for half, and semi-side the other way with the other leg bent, you won’t get the white line. Looking good.

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