12 Week Workout Plan – Weeks 1-3

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25 thoughts on “12 Week Workout Plan – Weeks 1-3

  1. Great video and program! Love the detail! Looking forward to getting
    started on this too. Keep it up.
    -Future Buff Dude

  2. The gym I go to doesn’t have a lot of free weights but there is dumbbells
    what should I do for the over head press? And I’m 17 and obese trying to
    get back into shape after letting myself go and I got fat but I’m trying to
    change that with you guys 

  3. Sup B.U.F.F Dudes… I just started working out and started with your 12
    week program this week, and every muscle in my body hurts, hahah!… Took a
    day off Wednesday, so today (Thursday) was leg day for me, and daaaaamn
    son, those walking lunges was so cool, I absolutely love them for some
    reason, on the third set I failed at 18 lunges, but it felt so good. Thanks
    for helping me out and inspiring me to better myself. And to everyone else
    following this program, stay strong bros.

  4. oh man… first day of training done! my arms feel reaaaly heavy now! but
    didnt feel anything in my chest? hadd to remove all the weights from the
    bench press to make all the reps… and bar is only 20kg!

  5. Quick questions guys. On the isolation exercises are you going up in weight
    each set or is the weight remaining the same for all sets?

  6. Alright, Buff Dudes you caught my attention. I’ve been back at the gym
    about a month now, and I would definitely say I’m not a beginner but would
    not go as far as saying I’m advanced either. I already feel a pattern and
    do not have a plan, but this is really interesting! I can’t wait to feel
    the overwhelming shock of a new routine. Week 1 starts today!

  7. Hey Buff Dudes,

    I am currently a college student who plans to enlist in the US Marine Corps
    after I graduate and get my degree. However, I am a bit overweight and I
    plan to change that by getting leaner and losing a ton of fat. (currently
    weighing around 220 lbs scale range) What are your suggestions to losing
    fat, gaining muscle, eating right, etc so I can reach that goal to being
    115 – 120 pounds. I’m serious of being in the world’s elite fighting force,
    but also wanting to take care of myself as well!

    Hope all is well!

    – Naomy G.

  8. Tomorrow is my last day of phase one. Was only back in the gym for a week
    before I started the program. Looking forward to seeing what sort of
    results I can yield. 

  9. hey, I have question I have question. I work out hard but my body doesn’t
    changed what should I do to have a bigger boddy?

  10. Hello guys, for sure i’m going to follow your 12 week program, but when i
    do my own work out it takes me like 4 hours, what i’m trying to say is…
    one regular day of your program it takes like 2 hours or less ‘in my
    opinion”, if i want to perform “ADD” another kind of exercises to the “week
    program” it will not affect the results of your program???

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