16 Hours In A CrossFit Gym

What does a day in a CrossFit box look like from open to close?

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Vault CrossFit


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20 Responses to 16 Hours In A CrossFit Gym

  1. 911247666 says:

    if u want to fuk up your body due to bad form, join a crossfit class

  2. Androandroandrica Len says:

    a bunch of queers and steers.

  3. mvpmickey1 says:

    What does CrossFit gym members have in common?
    Torn Rotator Cuff Muscles

  4. HIT at Home says:

    It's like taking all of the knowledge and data from exercise science, and then doing the opposite.

  5. MEDIA FANATIC says:

    Crossfit – The "Sport" of cheating reps
    Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero
    "The weights aren't heavy, there not even Fucking Heavy"
    Rich Piana

  6. ShyGuy19898 says:

    I wanted someone exercising for 16 hours..can't seem to find it.

  7. Antonio Roca says:

    Lusk now owns her own CrossFit box

  8. Alex Fenner says:

    They were really trying to impress with those numbers. That isn’t many people tho

  9. Dakota Hogue says:

    Tag @elgintensity

  10. Russia Bylat says:

    Rookie numbers

  11. Abraham Mathew says:

    One isn't an athlete just because they go to a CF box.

  12. Dan says:

    3:28 it was all fine until 3:28

  13. Jakub says:

    Kipping pull-up… Was and always will be a meme.

  14. luke ryan says:

    cross fit : the feminism of fitness

  15. ThatsEPIC , says:

    Congrats you woke up at 5 am to watch people do kip pullups just to make them feel like theyre doing something rather than actually getting gains.

  16. Matthew Brunette says:

    Those “pull-ups” though…

  17. Shakes First says:

    My physiotherapist LOVES Crossfit. His practice has increased massively since this thing got big.

  18. Vasilije Anevski says:


  19. Jennifer Lewer says:

    I’ve seen worse form at the gym honestly.

  20. agetori77 says:

    One sentence: "We are competitive."
    Next sentence: "Bring your dog and don't work out at all."
    Um, OK.

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