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Gluten Free Diets- Are They Really Healthy? Dr. John Douillard

Dr. John Douillard came back on the podcast to discuss the science about wheat that the gluten free industry is not telling you.

His new book is, Eat Wheat:

Here are some key time-stamps:

03:59 Food Intolerances: The quality of your digestion, the quality of your intestinal skin, and the quality of the lymphatics that drain your intestinal skin has a lot to do with food intolerances. Many of our symptoms of food intolerances have to do with those the quality of digestion, intestinal skin and lymphatics as well as your microbiome.

05:26 Food Intolerance Myths: You shouldn’t eat wheat, dairy or other foods if they may you feel bad. Taking these items out of your diet without fixing the underlying cause may cause more problems. Our ability to digest well is our ability to detoxify well. 400 billion pounds of chemicals dumped into the American environment every year. 62 million of these are cancer causing. When you eat organically, you are still eating foods saturated with toxins from the environment. If you are not digesting well, you are not able to rid your body of these toxins well.

06:42 Problems down the Road: Dr. Douillard sees patients who eliminate wheat, only to be reacting to something else 6 months later. This tends to happen with each item eliminated.

07:10 Reasons for Broken Digestive/Detox Systems: The ingredient list for a loaf of bread is long and microbes will not consume much of it. Traditional bread is organic, made with wheat, salt, water and an organic starter. It takes 3 days to bake. It becomes hard quickly. Processed foods increase the risk of metabolic syndrome, obesity, belly fat, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high bad cholesterol, and low good cholesterol, by 141%. People who eat whole foods, including whole wheat, decrease their risk of metabolic syndrome by 38%. Multiple studies find that whole, unrefined wheat reduces blood sugar and has nothing to do with cognitive decline. It can reduce inflammation and repair the intestinal skin. Eating processed gluten free foods to eliminate processed wheat is not an improvement.

10:40 Gluten Free Industry: It is a 16 billion dollar industry. Sixty years ago we were told that fat was cause of heart disease. Cholesterol was taken out of our diet and replaced with processed/refined bleached fats that are in every processed food to extend shelf life. They are indigestible and linked to the breakdown of the digestive system. We also consume pesticides that kill the microbes in our mouths and digestive system that are directly linked to breaking down gluten. Take all of the processed foods out of your diet, not just wheat.

11:51 Studies of Gluten Free vs Wheat Consumer: People on a gluten free diet had 4 times the mercury in their blood than people who ate wheat. People on a gluten free diet had significantly less good bacteria and more bad bacteria than people who ate wheat. Gluten free consumers had fewer killer T cells, a measure of immunity, compared to those who consumed wheat. Hard to digest foods are immune stimulators, stimulating our intestinal wall.

12:52 Hygiene Hypothesis: Amish kids have the lowest rates of asthma on the planet. Hutterites, with the same genetics, are modern farmers whose children have the highest rates of asthma on the planet. Amish barn air is an immune stimulant for the respiratory tract, preventing them from getting asthma. Science has found that we have been eating wheat for 4 million years.

13:29 Modern vs Ancient Wheat: 10,000 years ago everything was hybridized for different reasons, like larger wheat berries. The gluten content in modern wheat is identical to the gluten of ancient wheats. One study of some ancient wheat grains found that they had twice the amount of gluten of today’s grain. Yet these grains had twice the reduction of inflammation, lowered blood sugar and lowered cholesterol.

19:12 Eat Wheat Seasonally: Wheat was a fall harvested grain to be eaten in the fall and winter. The enzyme amylase appears to specifically break down wheat, which increases in the fall and winter. Deer can die if they eat out of season. Bugs in the soil change from season to season. When we eat that food, these bugs influence our microbiome. More meat is eaten in the winter and more fruits and vegetables are eaten in the summer.
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Sexual Benefits Of Raw Onions – Health Tips

Hi Friends, Watch More Top Five Health Care Videos Click here:

Today I am Going To Show You , How To Help To Onion in Our Life , Onion Is A Key Role in Our Dialy Health , So Let us Know as How many types to use and Helps get Nutrition

Onions for Sexual Health Onion is known as one of the greatest aphrodisiac foods, it helps increase libido and also strengthens the reproducing organs. Onions also increase the testosterone levels in the body and can help in increasing the sexual stamina. Onions homemade recipe Onions can be eaten raw or in juice form.

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Alternative Health Regen : Fallout 4 Quick Tips

Episode 7 of my quick tips for Fallout 4. In this episode we show some alternative ways to regen your health without having to use stimpacks all the time!

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HEALTHY SKIN DIET TIPS | What To Eat + What To Avoid!


Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel 🙂 In today’s video I’m sharing with you all of my diet-related tips when it comes to having healthy, glowy skin! You guys are always asking about my skin, and I think a huge part of why I have good skin is my diet. Hope you guys enjoy these tips & find them helpful! xx Becca



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ഈ അടയാളങ്ങൾ നിങ്ങളിലുണ്ടോ ? സൂക്ഷിക്കുക cancer – latest malayalam health tips

Latest malayalam health tips about cancer. Cancer Types, Symptoms, Causes, Tests, and Treatments in malayalam video.
ക്യാൻസർ – ഈ അടയാളങ്ങൾ നിങ്ങളിലുണ്ടോ ? സൂക്ഷിക്കുക

This channel publish all health information or health tips like latest malayalam healthtips, malayalam beauty tips for men and women. ethnic health court malayalam videos and heart attack, beuty tips for men and women, Home Remedies for Skin Whitening – Diet & dentel cleaning,and Hir loss or hair fall, health benefits of eating fruits and food. happy life home remedies health tips in hindi, english and malayalam
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