I Tried A Diet And Fitness Plan Based On My DNA

“I think I am so surprised by the results because nothing has ever worked for me in the past.”

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The Low Carb Diet Explained

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Rob Riches is a UK-born fitness cover model, athlete and competitor, making videos to help inspire, motivate and educate those looking to build a fitter, stronger & healthier body. He is a published author with a book about macro-nutrition (called Ultra Lean), and regular writes columns for Muscle & Fitness.



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-900g of mixed frozen berries
-180g of Protein Powder
-1.2L of Soy Milk (or alternative)
-240g of rolled oats
-30g of Chia seeds

– 900g of organic Tofu
– 450g frozen spinach
– 750g carrots
– 600g Red Peppers
– 600g Onion

– 1,200g Sweet potatoes
– 1,200g Broccoli
– 150g non added sugar Salsa
– 105g Hummus
– 1050g cooked lentils

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The Quest For Fitness

The Healthiest Diet In The World Isn’t Just About Food

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Most people think the Mediterranean diet is just about restricting what you eat, but they’re getting it all wrong.

Poop Can Teach You A Lot, But You Have To Look At It – https://youtu.be/nfQlZ-a9WFs
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Read More:
What The World’s Healthiest Diets Have In Common
“To research his 2010 book The 5 Factor World Diet, celebrity trainer and nutritionist Harley Pasternak traveled to the healthiest countries around the world to learn more about what made their meals extra nourishing. He noted that Japanese people eat a wonderful variety of seaweeds, and that Chinese people tried to incorporate at least five different colors in every meal. But Pasternak also came away with some valuable observations about how different the North American way of life was compared to many other countries.”

Why are Mediterranean diets so healthy?
“There has been a lot of talk recently about whether fat or sugar is the worst offender when it comes to our diets. But by focusing on individual dietary components it’s easy to miss the bigger picture. While it’s important to understand how different foods and nutrients affect our health, a whole diet approach offers a more helpful way of looking at our eating habits and choices.”

Greek Orthodox fasting rituals: a hidden characteristic of the Mediterranean diet of Crete.
“The longevity and excellent health status of the population of Crete has been attributed to its lifestyle and dietary habits. The impact of Greek Orthodox Christian Church fasting on these dietary habits has never been studied. One hundred and twenty Greek Orthodox Christians living in Crete participated in a 1-year prospective study.”


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Low Fat Diet vs Low Carb Diet: Which Is Better for You?

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In this video you’ll learn how to choose between a low fat and a low carbohydrate diet. This is been one of the biggest debates recently with the rising popularity of macro tracking and IIFYM.

Video summary:

When looking at your diet setup there’s 2 phases: Fat Loss and Muscle building

Protein is changing based on the phase and scaling with your lean body mass. There’s a lot of research backing that up.

After Protein we determine the Fat intake, and put the rest of calories to carbs.

Fat loss phase:

If carbs are too low low during energy restriction it can negatively influence your training. And this would then reduce your ability to retain lean body mass.

Fat intake recommendations for dieting based on research vary from 15- 25% of total calories.

15% is lower than ideal for most people, and it’s not sustainable long term but it can work short term for 4-6 weeks.

So typically 20-25% is used.

After you choose fat 20-25% then you just invest all the rest of calories into training.

For most people it will be fine to setup the diet with the minimum amount of fat necessary and then invest all the other calories into carbs to allow heavy training.

Minimum Recommended Fat intake:

Fat loss requires caloric restriction, and reduced calories mean reduced macros.

When setting up a diet we need to be aware not to go too low on fat.

Dangers of low fat intake:
– Heart Problems
– Vitamin Deficiency (ADEK)
– Excessive Appetite
– Mood Problems and Depression
– Reduced testosterone and other hormone issues

To prevent this aim for a minimum of 0,5 grams per kg of Bodyweight coming from fat per day.

Fat intake for the Muscle gaining phase:

In the higher caloric intake phase we can have fat as a higher percentage of total calories.

Between 20-30% of calories come from fat is fine in this phase.

Fat is very calorie dense at 9 kcal per 1 gram so adding a higher fat intake is recommended if you’re struggling with getting in the calories.

Some people operate better on a low carb / high fat diets.

How do you figure out if that’s you?

There’s a few genetic indicators but for the most part we need to test this out ourselves.

High fat diet means that the percentage of calories coming from fat is higher than 35% of total intake as opposed to recommended 15-30%

High fat diets would work for people with insulin resistance.

There’s a way to test yourself and I recommend trying this out if your family history of diabetes and if suspect that you operate better on a higher fat intake.

How do you test?

During the gaining phase for 1 month consume a 40-45% fat diet, while keeping protein and calories consistent..

So basically you’re just changing your carbs to fat ratio.

Then during this month keep an eye on and write down how you feel, what’s your mood and energy level.

Then when that month is complete for the second month setup your diet so 20% of calories come from fat while keeping calories and protein the same.

Then a the end of the month compare how you felt in the each phase and if the higher fat worked better than the lower fat.

It might seem hard to find out but it’s definitely worth it because you’ll finally know if a higher fat diet is something that works for you.

That would be all for this video. Hope you enjoyed.

Let me know in the comments what you think.

And as always, see you in the next video 🙂

Your friend,


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A lot of you guys wanted to know what I was doing to grow my hair back out waist length so I put this video together to explain my current regimen. I didn’t want the video to be this long but I wanted to include everything including some of the negative things that I stopped doing. Let me know if you have any questions.

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What I Eat In A day – Pre and Post Workout Meals – Healthy Fitness Meals – Build Lean Muscle

What I eat in a day to stay fit | High Carbs | Healthy | Pre and Post workout Meals | Fitness Meals | Fitness Diet | High Carbs for Workout Days | Build Lean Muscle Diet | Diet for lean muscle building

Hi guys! I am currently in Italy so I may be a little late in response but please do leave me a comment so I can get back to it later!

So for workout days, especially intense workout days. I eat substantial amount of carbs before and after my workout. It is crucial for muscle recovery and also gives you energy before the workout. You want to be able to lift the weights that you want to lift. If you don’t have sufficient energy, you won’t be able to do that and hence won’t be able to build as much muscle. If you’re looking to build more muscles then you also need to be on caloric surplus. I am probably on the surplus on this particular day but I haven”t been counting calories recently. I only count calories if I have a goal to reach but I was more to maintaining at this point. So yeah I hope this helps to give you some ideas. These are the days that I really don’t have time to cook and so I prep my meals in advance and just heat it up when I want to eat it.

It is also very important to heat up rice before eating them because they can cause food poisoning. It is best to have fresh rice and for left overs, you’ll have to refrigerate it and heat it up the next day, and you shouldn’t keep rice for more than a day. Read more here.
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FITNESS MOTIVATION – My story… from chubby to fit in 2 years. In this Video I show you how I lost weight and got abs by working out and following a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle.

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Eating Before Workouts @hodgetwins

eating before workout tips

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