25-Minute Tone It Up Total-Body Boot Camp

Get ready to have a blast with this boot camp from Tone It Up cofounders Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott. All you need is a pair of light free weights, and you’ll tone your full body with combinations of strength-training moves like deadlifts with cardio moves like skaters. If you love this workout, check out Tone It Up at POPSUGAR Play/Ground on June 22-23 in NYC. Round up your best workout buddies and purchase tickets here: https://www.popsugarplayground.com/
You can also find more workouts from Karena and Katrina on Studio Tone It Up: https://www.toneitup.com/activate/

On Anna: Varley top and Carbon38 leggings. On Katrina: Avocado leggings and Alo Yoga bra. On Karena: Lululemon leggings. Shoes: APL.

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20 Responses to 25-Minute Tone It Up Total-Body Boot Camp

  1. AlohaMia says:

    I didn’t think this would be that hard but it actually challenged me! Lots of fun, would do it again!

  2. Tanielle Powell says:

    Let’s get it gals we got this!! Don’t give up you have come this far, your so close to that bikini 👙 bod! ❤️ love from another fitness youtuber!

  3. Kathryn Siuciak says:

    I just want to say, thank you for not only doing effective healthy and safe workouts, but i really LOVE that you beautiful and strong women are real and promote self love, compassion, goal setting and the power of intention, it really makes a huge difference in my day. Much love! and my body feels great after this one 😀

  4. Nor Sy says:

    انا روح قلبي رياضة متل مبقولو رياضة راحة انتو نشيطين اكتير حبيتكن😍

  5. Crystal Butler says:

    Add heavier weights if this is too easy for you.

  6. Alex Maciel says:

    Not so hard but pretty effective, I liked it!

  7. Peach Tao says:

    Wow, my favorite 3 girls are workout together! So inspiring!!!!

  8. Shatisha Ingram says:

    awesome workout, thank you

  9. RaShante Snowden says:

    Nice workout for a Monday! I wish I saw more videos like this on Tone it Up nowadays.

  10. germankiwigal says:

    I am very overweight and unfit but even I can do many of your workouts because of the modifications you offer. THANK you for thinking of us less fit people, please never change that, it means so much to many people to be included and be able to work out – many classes at my gym are too hard for me, so this is a good replacement while I train to be fitter!

  11. Lauz Lauz says:

    I really enjoyed this!!! I love the idea of setting your intention and reminding yourself of it throughout the workout. Love the positivity. Thanks girls ☀️🧘🏼‍♀️💃🏼

  12. TheSupersizzina says:

    Loved this wo, quick and yet effective and fun! Thank you guys I'm gonna check your app right now! ❤️

  13. Ariel Chan says:

    Great team – Anna, Karena and Katrina ❣️

  14. ria lad says:

    omg…..Im gonna do this tomorrow morning 🥰

  15. loopy lolli says:

    I used to love K&K and religiously followed them and bought into their nutrition plan. But now they've moved all their workout content to their Studio App. 😪 What happened to TIU Tuesdays on YouTube?! Sad times. Unless you had the studio app the Bikini Series (not called that this year) wasn't worth it. I was gutted! 😔 Thank You Popsugar for continuing to make great content available to everyone 😍😍😍

  16. Evgeniya Buzan says:

    yayyyy!!! Finally TUI!!!xoxo

  17. Tiffany Smith says:

    This is a great moderate workout. Moves weren't too difficult and they gave good instruction. Also, Anna looks amazing!

  18. soulchild says:

    That was a great and feasible workout. I really liked the modification Anna did with the quick feet. That's going to be a keeper for me, as I have knee issues. I also liked the message that 'one's struggle is a strength'. Anna, your hair looks amazing, by the way! Thank you Fitsugar and ToneItUp!

  19. overweightgirl says:

    Every Sunday I check for new workouts and exciting to see TIU girls – now all you girls need to get on "Dancing With the Stars."

  20. Fit Me says:

    nice motivational workout let me try this one

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