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Lets have a sane food talk over a huge bowl of delicious chocolate ice cream 🙂
After years of trying every single kind of diet to lose weight, I was able to lose 30 pounds by shifting my focus from dieting to SELF LOVE. The main change was my internal dialog with myself, that started to change from self hate and deprivation, to something like this:
How am I loving myself today with food?
How am I loving myself today with movement?
How am I loving myself today by being flexible and kind to myself?

This internal talk is something I still practice with myself everyday in all aspects of life. And when it comes to my relationship with food, I earned something much more important than a number on a scale: food became an amazing tool to give myself self love, kindness, and flexibility with. All traits that I value and want more of in my life.

By the way my AMAZING & HEALTHY chocolate ice cream in the video is made of:
– 4 frozen bananas
– 2 persimmons
– 4 medjool dates
– 1/2 spoon vanilla
– 4 spoons carob powder

To make it:
1. peel & freeze the bananas overnight
2. blend everything together
And that’s it, enjoy!

Much much love,
Shir ❤️
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  1. U are absolutely gorgeous, amazing, vibrant and just so pleasant to listen to and watch, i love your videos ive been transitioning to a vegan diet and i have been successful for about 2 weeks lol but i had a sever craving for cheese and fried chicken so i cheate last night 🙁

    But i will eventually become fully vegan because it makes me feell GREAT like you feel and I love animals so much I refuse to continue eating them but Jesus the cravings are a struggle. I still think about big juicy steaks with butter and stuff. Thank you for your kind advice and videos it really helps me

  2. haha I love that you were eating ice-cream while recording a video about weight loss. I just discovered your channel and I am glad I did because you radiate positive energy and you look so lovely and peaceful. Also , I loved that you pointed out self love as a way to lose weight , something we forget about a lot of times while it is the most important . Thank you for your amazing video can't wait to see more!

  3. You seem like a genuine loving person. Your videos are inspiring and positive, its all good stuff. I agree that one feels better when one eat better, no doubt about that. Lots of love and positivity from France!! ?✌?️✌?✌?

  4. tant d'amour à vous, ma fille! vous êtes brillant, et absolument magnifique! Je suis en amour avec votre message d'amour de soi.

  5. I am truly loving your videos. You have such a peaceful and positive energy that comes through. Thank you for sharing. ✌️

  6. Ciao Shir, thanks for sharing…everything. I m italian and I m following you so first I want to say THANK YOU for such an inspiring point of view concerning everything. You improved my changing in new line food. I eat already organic but I found that your recipes and way of life is exactly my goal in life. I m becoming a yoga teacher and the optmist way of life you're showing, full of light and love is exactly what I belong for. So thank you again. Could you make a tutorial for you recipes? For example the well known banana icecream (normal, with no chocolate) in a way that your followers can see HOW you do that with if you like extra tips in different ingredients. Also for your gaspacho soup…and whatever you like! It could be a great way to join' positive energy and food. Best regards. Maddy.

  7. Yours are the only videos i watch out of all my subscriptions that i hit like right at the start of the video because i already know i will love it 🙂 . Great video as always. Self love is something i need a lot of work on. On another topic, do you have any recommendations for food to pack for work lunches other than fruit? I need substantial lunches for work and i am not a big sweets person- more savory. I am running out of ideas for my work lunches :)

  8. Everytime we are listening to people promise us to lose weight with a high protein/far/ or carb diet! We have to drink a lot, exercise a lot, do yoga, eat enough fruit or (if it's not vegan-high carb) enough protein… But never ever heard of somebody telling we can lose weight with self LOVE. In a way I will tell you I will probably gain "more weight " doing so.. I will gain love weight and compassione and peace. Your message is truly REVOLUTIONARY. Thanks for everything. Your magical soul inspires me day by day ❤️???

  9. Cant wait to try out that ice cream recipe! Diet is crazy and really stressfull for every person , i agree with you. They never work. Listening to what the body wants and working out in a happy way is the best diet there is :)

    I can't express enough how much this subject is important to me. I see so many women suffering every day, and I have been in that place for so many years and let me tell you, dieting just doesn't work!
    So lets have a sane food talk over some AMAZING chocolate ice cream 🙂
    In the video talk about how I was able to lose 30 pounds without dieting at all, and share a delicious & healthy recipe.

    Much love!
    Shir ❤️

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