5 Foods You Should Eat Every Day!

Boost energy levels and treat your body to the nutrition it deserves, with these 5 super foods.

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20 thoughts on “5 Foods You Should Eat Every Day!

  1. I totally agree with these suggestions. But in order to prevent arguments, shouldn't these opinion's be backed up by authoritative researches or references? The problem with these youtubers is that they make statements that are sometimes in conflict with another presentation or statement. Take the case of eggs. I have come across published researches that says eggs are good. On the other hand a video presentation said it's bad. (Personally, I don't agree on the latter.) The next case is salmon. One school of thought says salmon is good for so many reasons. The other school of thought says that it is bad because salmon contains mercury so it's bad for you. My take on this controversy is that the latter is not a reliable information so I still relish salmon. (But if you want to play it safe, eat sardines instead. They contain no mercury and a lot cheaper.)

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