20 Responses to 5 "Hard" Yoga Poses Made Easy | Health

  1. Gorcsa Andreea says:

    Amazing video. Thank you very much! Very useful!

  2. eezergood3 says:

    Sometimes I think yoga is causing me pain and stress, trying to achieve some of these poses

  3. Zey Zey says:


  4. Garuda says:



    Prana + yama

    Breath + god of death


    Tada + Sana

    Block + Brilliance


    Bhujanga + sana

    Snake + Brilliance

    Lucifer initiation

  5. Kristin Schindewolf says:

    Great info! I like this video, but her toes are so long, and her feet are almost like little paddles. Lol.

  6. MODE 8 YOGA & FITNESS says:

    The most important key is patience. Such a nice video for anyone looking to better themselves in the field of yoga!

  7. Nikunj Dubey says:

    It is very easy I can do it I am Aparna 10year old kid

  8. Bernadette Nadine Almeda says:

    Is it possible to do head stand with cervical disc degeneration but I have no pain anymore since doing yoga

  9. Jia Ming Zhuang says:


  10. Inkmere 3 says:


  11. tony s says:

    more tips on more poses would be awesome

  12. Sarang Gurao says:

    Superbly executed…

  13. Sonia Sagar says:

    I’m yoga 🧘‍♀️ practising myself but have difficulty doing these postures you r doing great by giving these clues to help improve while knowing which muscles to work on with the help of props .well done ✅

  14. PRODUCT BEST says:

    Great instructions,THANK YOU!!!

  15. PRODUCT BEST says:

    Great instructions,THANK YOU!!!

  16. DJ Heart songs says:

    Plz suggest me a good yoga mat for hot yoga

  17. Manoj Saini says:

    Very helpful tips

  18. Lucas Willys says:


  19. Dominick Robinson says:

    I wanted to see her do the tri pod fold.

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