5-Minute Easy Abs Workout

5-Minute Easy Abs Workout

Build stronger ab muscles with this simple 5-minute routine.
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20 Responses to 5-Minute Easy Abs Workout

  1. Putrid Patrick says:

    Been doing this for 2 weeks, and I gotta be honest I wasn't doing every exercise like I should've, but I'm already seeing and feeling results. This works great!

  2. Bhawana Soni says:

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  3. Bhat Dilshad says:

    If there is a difference in inhale and exhale

  4. Bhat Dilshad says:

    When to do this exercise in a day ……..or many times a day …..

  5. •sharrin• says:

    Day 1:✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4; ✅
    Day 5; ✅
    Day 6: ✅
    Day 7: ✅
    week mark
    Day 8: ✅
    Day 9: ✅

  6. Angel Sandoval says:

    How many sets should I do?

  7. Bshhys Yshushushus says:

    The shorts I was wearing was the worst part 😭😭😂😂

  8. latha chandru says:

    We can easily do Thank You so much 👍🙂

  9. When Shitcoin Lambo says:

    Can you suggest Food or supliment to eat for combination with this exercise for fast results

  10. terzizas contortion says:

    This was actualy fun and easy

  11. Anja Brasler says:

    Wow I’m going to do this every day! I’ve already downloaded it offline! 😂 It’s hard when you’re doing it but I love how you do the right ‘relaxation-in-your-muscles’ stretches after a certain exercise so that you stretch the right muscles to make you feel better. Nice and quick and it makes me feel good and fresh after I’ve done it even though it’s short. Love it!

  12. vishu Parekh says:

    It's beautiful

  13. John Ugay says:

    So hard please easy workout for abbs

  14. Pashe Sub says:

    How many do you have to do till you get 6 packs

  15. Star Wars Bricks says:

    That was fun 😮

  16. Lowkey says:

    How many sets should
    I do?

  17. Maximilian Andersson says:

    Really great workout

  18. Oleg Litor says:



    Beautiful !

  20. Nita Lubay says:

    Thx now i have max abs

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