5 Simple Health Tips | Madeleine Shaw

Here are 5 simple health tips to live by, I hope you enjoy them, please leave a comment below if you have any great healthy tips….


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20 thoughts on “5 Simple Health Tips | Madeleine Shaw

  1. Although I agree with many of these tips, and protein is EXTREMELY important but what you said about protein and blood glucose is wrong. Protein is one of the most insulin-spiking food. Yes it has no sugar and may not have a high glycemic index but it signals for insulin release which is what we want to avoid. Too much insulin is what causes problems, not too much sugar. Healthy fats however lower the insulin signaling spike, so if you're eating protein whether it be plant protein or animal protein (although I highly recommend plant proteins as they're much healthier overall) make sure to include some healthy fats to decrease the insulin spike.

  2. #brandilovesbeauty Madeleine, I loved this video. My husband and I are both students and on a tight budget but we both are excited by healthy eating. I know you just did a tips for eating healthy on a budget video, but I was wondering what are some essentials that are must-haves for you on a daily basis? Thanks ^_^ @Mike DeFranco

  3. Food cannot rot in your stomach, it's full of acid that is constantly breaking down and digesting your food. Digestion doesn't stop just because you go to sleep

  4. Hi Maddie, I just started watching your videos. I think you're so amazing and inspirational! I have dabbled in yoga before but never felt comfortable, until I tried your yoga videos! I love them and I'm going to try and do some yoga every day 🙂 it's so relaxing! I love your health tips in this video and i'm going to go and grab myself some herbal tea! Thank you Maddie! xxxx

  5. Oh thanks for the tip to chew my food, was having so much trouble swallowing my food whole. Also scientifically food cannot start to rot after 12 hours, your food will start to digest straight away, any food will cause gas to build up, it's one of digestions byproduct

  6. Water has been around for millions of years and we know for a fact that it's good for our body. But do we really know what it does for us? Some of the benefits of drinking eight 8-ounces of water a day are maintaining your body fluids' balance, to help control your calories, energize your muscle, keep skin looking good, help your kidneys, and maintain a normal bowel function. 

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  7. And all those things are just so easy to forget but they make such a big impact. I need to put them on a post it note. 😀

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