5 tips to stay fresh in Summer – Free Health Tips

5 tips to stay fresh in Summer - Free Health Tips

It is hot. Put yourself in the deal. 5 ways to stay fresh all day in extra heat.

1 . Try the organic soap

The use of chemicals on the skin effect of warm climates. Try the organic soap, organic face wash to use. Ayurvedic soap to bath time. Sweating in the heat of the body will reduce the harmful bacteria. Wash the face with a face wash or neem fruit twice a day.

2. Drink plenty water

Lots of water and eat a great way to freshen up the hot days. Throughout the day, fruit juice, coconut stayed to eat. As a result, the health of the body of water to balance the need to freshen up. The impact will have on the faces.

3. Eat vegetables and fruits

The problem is most commonly due to excessive sweating in the heat of Calcutta. I’m tired of excessive sweating of the body out of the water from the body. Many people suffer from excessive sweating stinking. Keep diet and get rid of the sweat -smelling vegetables and fruits. Especially cucumber. Hot during the regular fruit, cucumber sweat decrease as a result of eating, the less water will thirst. Sweat odor will be less.

4. Wear cotton clothes

Try to wear cotton clothes in warm climates. There is nothing better than cotton fabric summer. Cotton is not only light, it is better for the body. Note seisangei to wear light-colored clothes. When you wear white or a light shade will be less heat. The appearance of freshness.

5. Use Rose Water

Place the bag in warm climates Rose Water Spray , Aloe gel , baby wipes such a thing . Tired when it wipes off the face of the Rose ayalobhera water spray or gel to take it.

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