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WHATS GOOD YOUTUBE ?!??! ITS YA BOYYYYYYYY… the flexible dieting KING, bringing you somethin here!!! Something HUGE!

The long anticipated, long-awaited, highly requested… 5000 calorie Meal Plan!! Well, its closer to 5200 calories actually… BUT GAINS REGARDLESS AM I RIGHT?!

Why am I making a 5000 calorie meal plan video ?? Because this happens to be the meal plan I used on my last dirty bulk phase and it took me from 205-230 pounds in 1 month. Safe to say… that’s not safe NOR is it recommended. But ya’ll asked for it so here it is… however, I added a backstory about it, as well as how to get way more out of this meal plan than i did and ensure you don’t make the mistakes i did when following a high calorie diet like this!

Here are some time stamps by the way incase you want to skip certain parts:

3:29 – Backstory
5:51 – Meal Plan Explained
13:00 – How to adjust

Thanks so much for stopping by and watching this video ! This one goes out to the fellow skinny boys and girls out there! Cheers everyone, appreciate the support. Leave a comment with what you’d like to see next, LIKE the vid for some more support, share with your skinny kid friends, and SUBSCRIBE for more fitness content every week!

Cheers baud!

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20 Responses to 5000 Calorie Meal Plan | Weight Gain Diet | Skinny Boy Solutions

  1. I Just Wanted To See 1 Video says:

    Can you make a shake without oats I can’t have oats

  2. Mukツ says:

    thank you for not saying that i cant,it just made me try harder

  3. Manisha Rai says:

    My BMI is 12.1..:-(

  4. Trish Dolan says:

    What kind of whey protine do you use?

  5. Mikael says:

    6:34 – shake
    8:02 – meal
    save you some time

  6. Jett bennett says:

    I'll start on my next paycheck

  7. A. Inai says:

    How much did it cost for the whole month

  8. Arize R says:

    this guy talks way too much, like stfu

  9. Hippity Hoppity says:

    Guys remember to go on Google and find a calories calculator. Age, height, and weight all have to do with the amount of calories you need to gain a certain amount of weight per week

  10. Brooklyn Born says:

    2k calories of rice 😩🙅🏾‍♂️

  11. Augusto Pinochet says:

    Bruh I needa try this. I’ve only been eating about 3,000 calories high in carbs for the last 3 months and lost 2 fucking lbs. Being 115 at 5’9” that’s not where I need to go.

  12. BubbaCrane says:

    So for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 2-3 snacks. You are the same exact thing. I don’t usually comment, but this false info is upsetting.

  13. Yaqub Tareen says:

    F this guy talk alot ..annoying ass….next!

  14. Lyne Padohinog says:

    I'm here watching because i find it hard to gain weight and muscle. I guess it's not too late for me to start again, rigth this time. 💪 🤔

  15. Stanny says:

    What if you live in a 7-family vegetarian household and don't have enough money for consistent extra food?

  16. matthew Bort says:

    Should I increase my calories from this if I do an insane amount of cardio? I usually run a couple miles , boxing , as well as weight training .

  17. Amber Waves says:

    How exactly can keep myself hungry enough for this? A huge limiting factor for me is that I am unable to eat this much food. I already use cannabis as a apatite stimulant, but I'm going to need something more. Anyone know some crazy intense apatite stimulants?

  18. Amber Waves says:

    I actually am trying to get more fat than muscle. May seem strange, but my bmi is only 15.7. So, its necessary.

  19. AGG Production says:

    You talk too much bro. Great advice though but side stories just try to keep themselves to you or short as possible. Great video overall

  20. Jonny John says:

    I stop the bs at 30 secs….25lb in one month…pure bs…go listen to somebody with more credibility, elliot hulse, allan thrall etc

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