7 Pre Workout Meal Options to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

No matter what your fitness goal is, pre-workout diet is important. A good pre-workout meal not only helps you maximize your performance while you workout but it also minimizes the muscle damage.
A pre-workout meal can be taken 1.5 -2.5 hours depending upon the metabolism level of the individual.
However, the question lies what should we eat before a workout?
An ideal meal before a workout should be high in carbohydrates, moderate in proteins and low in fats.
Basically, we need two macro nutrients before workout. Carbohydrates (preferably complex carbohydrates as they provide energy for longer period of time) and proteins. This is because carbohydrates are best sources of energy. Eating protein helps improve muscle protein synthesis, prevent muscle damage and promotes recovery.
Fats, as they slow down the absorption, should be kept to minimum before workouts.

Here are 7 meal options to be taken before a workout that will help you lose fat and gain muscle.

1. Chickpeas Chaat

As chickpeas are naturally high in complex carbohydrates, moderate in proteins and low in fats, it is one of the best pre workout meal options.All you need to do is boil the chickpeas, mix chopped onion, tomato,cucumber, season it will salt, pepper and lemon. It’s ready to go.

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2. Orange Oats

Orange is considered to be one of the best foods to be taken before a workout. It keeps the body hydrated and prevents muscle soreness. Oats on the other hand are a great source of complex carbohydrates. Oats are also rich in B vitamins which are helpful in converting carbohydrates to energy. Adding a few egg whites to it makes it a perfect pre-workout meal.

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Just mix the orange juice in natural oats and enjoy!

3. Banana Peanut Butter Roti

Banana is another great pre wokout food as it is high in potassium. Whole wheat roti provides the necessary complex carbohydrates. Peanut butter has protein. It also has healthy fats so make sure to have it well before 2 hours of workout as you would not like blood flowing more towards your stomach than muscles while you are workout out.

Checkout my recipe for homemade peanut butter

Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe Easy|Healthy|Tasty

Avoid the whole wheat breads as they have some of percentage of refined flour mixed in it.

4. Egg whites bhurji with Roti

Another simple and effective pre workout meal could be 3–4 scrambled egg whites along with one whole wheat chapati.

5. Spinach Banana Oat Smoothie

Do you prefer drinking over eating? If yes, then this pre workout meal is for you.
Just blend spinach,banana,oats along with a little yogurt and water. Not only does it look great but it also is very delicious.

6. Customized Oatmeal
Oats, low fat yogurt and your favorite fruits. Well, that’s all you need to make this meal.

7. Roasted Chana

If you are too busy to make any of the above recipes, just buy a packet of unsalted roasted chana.

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20 thoughts on “7 Pre Workout Meal Options to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

  1. I am your channel subscriber
    Currently my weight is 87kg i have a plan to reduce my weight to 75kg my height is 5.5ft. January 28th i planned to participate in a local district level body building competition. Here my diet plan can you correct it pls.
    Morning before workout unboiled soaked chenna and Ragi malt drink for pre workout.
    Post workout 3egg white, 2 chappathi, 50Gram boiled Rajma and soyabean
    Lunch 6 egg white, boiled vegetable mix of carrot/beetroot and potato, 2chappathi
    Evening 1 green tea and banana for snacks will have peanuts sometimes
    Night dinner i will have 2egg white, 2 chappathi, 1 banana.
    My workout details weekly 4 days bodybuilding workout and 3 days cardio workout doing alternatively.
    Can you suggest me if any mistakes in my diet plan.

  2. Great video i like it. I am starting workout in morning 6.30am so can you suggest a pre workout meal for morning time?

  3. If you are an office going person, then you might not have 1 to 2 hours before your workout. Please share pre workout meal that can be consumed before half hour to workout for fat loss.

  4. Grt… Grt… Grt… Finally found the video which will fit to my diet…
    Very imp. frm any Indian's point of view… bro this video shows how imp. ur videos are for any workout loving Indian… thnx…

  5. sir i am started going gym few days ago at morning 6.30 am..m taking ur recommended black cofee..does i have to take pre workout meal..and drink…then plz recommend me what is d timings i sud take diz n wt?

  6. Hi Vivek,
    Your videos are very informative. Thanks for making these type of videos.
    What are the best pre workout foods for one who goes to gym at early morning like 6:30am?

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