AIR FORCE BMT PT | Basic Military Training Physical Fitness Program | STORYTIME

A few tips about BMT PT routine. Get in shape, & stay in shape.
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20 Responses to AIR FORCE BMT PT | Basic Military Training Physical Fitness Program | STORYTIME

  1. Rae Rbro says:

    Nice video! Straight to the point. I’m currently working on everything, running, sit ups, and push ups. Never been able to do a push up in my life and now I can do 5. Slowly getting there.

  2. Amanda Streyle says:

    My name is amanda. I am 33 yrs old and I am heading to BMT on feb 19th. I have been doing push ups and sit ups for the past month. I can now do 29 in a minute. Sit ups that is. And I can do 10 female push ups…which to be honest…isnt a fucking pushup lol. I started to train in running but it's the middle of winter with snow here. And I've gotten sick 2 times from going running. Its pissing me off. I dont want to go to BMT and have 18 yr olds doing better then me

  3. freeky geeky says:

    Lol your eyes are red as hell

  4. xjo2hx2442x says:

    Is there any sort of weight training while going through BMT or is it all mostly just push ups, sit ups, etc…?

  5. Dobson Luxurious Travels says:

    Thanks for all the videos…I'm definitely going to need to watch some videos on working out and get your imput. I failed my first asvab and now I'm in the works to retest.Keep up the great videos they are truly helpful

  6. Jay Jacks says:

    Boa you got shot gun nostrils. Good video though

  7. Vincent Wilson-McCoy says:

    Heya folks. I'm really interested in joining the airforce but I'm morbidly obese. I'm 6'2'' and weigh 335 lbs. Does anyone have advice on how I can get in shape as soon as possible? How long will it take?

  8. Ashley Moore says:

    I would like to ask you help! I plan on taking the asvab and Meps and all that by Jan which I will be 33. My friend who is a fitness trainer has me clean eating now! The recruiter said my weight should be 160 or below! I am just now at 179.2 so I am getting there! Any tips on what I should only be doing! I have been attempting to jog on the treadmill but know that I need to get outside and 🏃‍♀️. I know I can do it I just need to know what I should do to practice and build up ❤️❤️🙏💪

  9. Jared Quest says:

    Lol eyes red af

  10. Itz Onyx says:

    I absolutely love this channel bully juice you have gotten me prepared for BMT and answered more questions than everyone I’ve talked to combined just as a side note you should try recruiting 😂😂

  11. Bee D says:

    The only thing I'm afraid of is running. I will probabaly cry if i don't get in shape. If i join the Air Force right after first year of college with no JROTC experience what rank will i be?

  12. Brownie Brown says:

    Yoooooo yessss 😂

  13. X7 Military says:

    BJ my girl is wot 4 on monday, still struggling with pushups, sit ups and run are good. I told her to try to do one more push up every day from now until beast. Also said that 60 seconds is a long time. Right now she can do 6. I told her to do 6, wait 15 seconds, do 6 more, repeat. Hopefully be able to get the time in between reduced. She has to do 18. Anything you recommend I can write her to help between now and wot 6?

  14. Shawn Hinzman says:

    One day we decided we would finally beat the game and we all woke up early and we were waiting in formation on the pad when reveille played. We got in so much trouble. They made us run up to our dorm and back down 3 times. Anybody else 331st TRS?

  15. Emilie Bradley says:

    1 year later and they changed the run program dramatically lol. But the MTI impressions are great

  16. Alexandra Montes says:

    I couldn’t understand wtf you were saying

  17. Elbowstrike1 says:

    Do you have a treadmill run routine that would work to get in shape for BMT as well?

  18. Tyler Moreland says:

    I just wish we could lift weights while we were there😔😂

  19. David Gonzalez says:

    So, in general, PT is about 40 minutes long?

  20. Sebastian Harris says:

    Got an 88 on my asvab and im getting close to ship out. Was getting in my head about the physical aspects. Not so worried anymore. Thanks so much for being chill and easy to understand

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