Ask Us Fitness & Food Questions!! (Cutting Plan Drops Nov 24)

We’re in the final week of our cutting plan and we need YOU to ask us questions we may not have yet answered. Fitness, food – it doesn’t matter – ask away!!

(Incoming wave of “How do I make my [insert male body part] bigger??” questions)

20 thoughts on “Ask Us Fitness & Food Questions!! (Cutting Plan Drops Nov 24)

  1. I’m currently trying to lose fat but at the same time gain muscle. I’m currently taking creative and protein shakes, do using these make it harder to achieve this?

  2. I remember seeing a video of you guys where you said that you were deadlifting 405 for 10 reps and then soon after that, you all were getting 405 for like 3 reps. So my question is, how does that happen so quickly? Is it harder to keep your weights heavy when you're cutting? That blows ass, but it makes sense. Less calories = less energy and strength.

  3. Hey, BuffDudes
    I just started going to the gym and I'm just wondering, how much calories do I need to consume. I'm a thin guy so can you guys help me out. Thank you and stay buff.

  4. For a beginner who want to gain muscle and cut fat at the same time do you recommend cutting at first or just eating a lot of calories?

  5. Ok so I have skinny fat but im slightly muscular but not toned and should I cut and then bulk or should I bulk straight away and then cut ? Im so confused I hate the weight gain in fat from bulking but I want to be bulk but with tone. What do you guys reccomend

  6. Hey, I've enjoyed the different workout plans y'all have put out in the past. So thanks for that. My question is about timing your eating based upon macros. Is it better to have a larger carb meal before working out? If not, what. Then how much time before working out?

  7. Hi buff dude bros! is it possible to lose body fat without losing so much weight or maintain my current weight? My body fat is around 20% and weighing in at 160 LBS, can i reduce bodyfat to 15% without the bulking and cutting process, can it be done by good excerices and healthy eating habbits?

  8. Just starting to workout. When i do biceps it seems like it just makes my elbow joint hurt and not really working the bicep. Why is that?

  9. Buff bois, in my youth I used to be somewhat buff squatting heavy weights with great ease.
    Now as I reach the middle of my 30s I am grossly obese, I never needed a nutritional plan when I was young and I think that's where I went wrong as eventually it caught up to me
    What sort or diet would you suggest in order to lose weight whilst being able to hit the gym 6 days out of the week

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