Atkins Meal Plan

Atkins Meal Plan
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I love you guys please dont ever give up its going to get better you just have to start.
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20 Responses to Atkins Meal Plan

  1. Laurie Bradbury says:

    great info, thanks. I think I heard somewhere that you can have a cup of chicken or beef boullion/broth if you get any muscle cramps on ATKINS or keto.

  2. Lynda Bell says:

    Seriously, I feel so empowered by your messages, like I end up convinced that I can do this. So yeah, thanks!

  3. Jerry Gerard says:

    this is a great meal day i may start day 1 with this vid Jonathan morrow

  4. Mike Carreca says:

    I remember when Atkins first came out I tried it. This was years ago! I didn't even do it quite right and lost weight. With your vidios I can do it better and loose more weight. Thank you.

  5. Maryanne Sweeney says:

    Just watched a couple of your videos. Going to start tomorrow.Now to check out Facebook. Maryanne Sweeney

  6. Serami77 says:

    Very Informative and simple to fallow! Thank you. (screen shot everything ) Two questions: Is this a daily meal for men and women? Can I skip one of the snacks? Can I drink my coffee like usual, black no sugar or I need to incorporate some fat? (Oops, 3 questions) Thank you!

  7. TeamBonus says:

    My name is Chad, I have been on a 40 day cleanse/fast I have 7 days left. I have lost about 26lbs. I want to start a healthy life style when it comes to my eating habits. I would like to get your eating plan, how do I get it, thanks. 562-257-7882

  8. Darren Wallace says:

    thanks.nice and simple for a newbie.

  9. Rashida Davis says:

    And I also use Sweet n' Low with no negatives effects! Yah us!

  10. Rashida Davis says:

    Actually, on an all egg diet, you will absolutely lose weight! But yes, be careful of that bag of cheese!

  11. Kimberly Clemmer says:

    Happy Easter🐰! I'm 5 ft tall started on Atkins on March 11 at about 150lbs it's now April 1st and I am down to 141. Does that sound normal to you or does it seem I may be doing something wrong. I did join the gym and go about 4-5 days a week. And I love your videos btw. You're hilarious and look forward to watching you during the day

  12. Tyler says:

    One more question! Ive been doing this plan and im already seeing results and that is amazing! BUT I have some of those atkins protein bars and shakes. If I eat one bar and one shake (6 net carbs) a day, what can I take out? If I remove the avocado and the snacks would that be ok?

  13. Tyler says:

    Also is this good for induction??

  14. Tyler says:

    You show salmon in the beginning but its not part of the plan?? Is it something I missed or can we use it to substitute something?

  15. Crystal Krinkles says:

    Can I add more veggies to this plan to get the total up to 20 carbs.

  16. brian campbell says:

    So I'm going to assume that if I get tired of hamburger I could say exchange it with a baked or grilled pork chop is this correct ?

  17. my rights says:

    Is it possible that I lost four pounds so quick..been on it for six days?this plan has how many carbs total a day?thanks again your an inspiration..

  18. my rights says:

    Thanks for the info..iam going to try this…wish me luck..I only have 20pounds to loose..

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