BBC Documentary 2017 – Shocking Truths About Diet And Exercise

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20 thoughts on “BBC Documentary 2017 – Shocking Truths About Diet And Exercise

  1. Absurd. Maybe there is some truth to this, but it is so ridiculously presented. Is this really the BBC? Can't believe it has gotten so obnoxious.

  2. they put so much effort on this documentary but I can tell that lots of misleading information on this documentary that leads ppl to make the wrong decision. Ppl do your own research

  3. LAME!!!! It makes it look like the pursuit of health and fitness is an illness linked to OCD rather than a way to inspire yourself to achieve and control your own destiny.

  4. Good and factual, one only need to use home made food, half cooked vegetables without oils and spices and do not fill your tummy full, make three parts one for food, other for water abd third for air. Also after eating walk atleast 100 steps before going to bed. Sleep not more than 8 hrs max. and late morning. Take fresh air at morning too.

  5. I'm a exercise physiologist. And this documentary is take truth and twisting it into option. This is why the fitness Industry has so much stigma.

  6. Umm since when are bugs bad for us to eat? They actually are good for you but who the hell wants to eat a damn bug instead of a big juicy steak….

  7. This video is junk science to the max…intermittent fasting where the body shifts from glucose metabolism to fat metabolism is normal and humans ave been eating intermittently since they were a species…google "health benefits of intermittent fasting" and find out what doctors and researchers are learning about diabetes, ageing and disease.

  8. Water from gletjers actually is better then recycled filtered water. Because it has hormons from pee in it! They cant filter them out, so its less healthy

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