20 thoughts on “BBC Documentary – Fat v Carbs with Jamie Owen

  1. I suffered from acne for years, went to a bunch of doctors, I've taken pills and used 1000 creams.Nothing worked but cutting bread, past and anything that is high in carbs, from sweets to rice.
    Now I no longer have acne.
    All those money spent on useless shit and idiotic doctors when the answer came for free from the internet..

  2. The break room at the Walmart: a retired army guy, a second rate football star and a flaming homosexual wannabe dancer giggle over getting the "Meat Party Platter" while the fat chicks buy a $7 salad and then get $12 worth of chips and soda from the vending machine anyway.

    That said, I have this new supplement. It makes you worthy of love….

  3. Yep, take diet advice from a GP who is clearly obese. And WTF was that other "expert" going on about? "If you go on any diet, you'll lose weight". What a fckin idiot. More interested in touting his weight loss pills no doubt and taking back-handers

  4. Super high carb low fat vegan diet. The issue here is the lack of transparency. they say carbs to include bread, chips etc. i eat a ton of potatoes, rice, i do eat a lot of vegetables..complex carbs that are good for your bod!..i am also oil free. As far as sustainability goes this is a good as it gets. Do your research. sugar does not cause diabetes fat does!

  5. Screw that Indian doctor talking shit. High fat and low carb is the way to go. She needs to drop the roti and get some steak.

  6. Keto for 10 weeks and lost 60lbs so far… off my high blood pressure meds because now my BP is normal. Energy level has sky rocketed. Forget the food pyramid. High fat low carb no sugar is the way to go!

  7. been on a high fat/low carb diet and lost weight. stopped because its actually not healthy. like the gp said you can loose weight on any diet! but what about all the cholesterol and side effects that will come on later in life, yes you will be lighter by weight but will have chronic health issues if you live your life like that. i follow a high carb low fat, vegan/vegetarian diet and continue to lose as much weight as i did on high fat all while being so much healthier.

  8. Don't forget the KCAL! Regardless what you eat, if you eat more than your daily kcal needs, you will gain. It is simple math, regardless if high fat, high protein or whatever diet.

  9. gave up wheat rice potatoes and high carb foods. Lost 10 kilos. Skin cleared up, bowel urgency and pain gone. It works. Sugar is death

  10. If you would just stop eating processed food an either pre make or cook meals with more fruits and vegetables and whole grains, yes this includes whole grain bread and other carbs surprise surprise, you would loose weight and keep it off! you may want to calculate how much sugar you should be eating too. I lost 50 pounds since I've done it and I have not gained anything back even after increasing calories but I did not go back to junk food.

  11. What a load of BS. Funny how my cholesterol level while on statins and eating the typical diet was 5.9. Once I cut out all the animal products e.g meat, fish, dairy etc dropped to 4.4 and all this in under 2 months. The problem isnt carbs, its the highly processed carbs and the fat & oil that go with it. Carbs are bad for you lol tell that to Andrew from Spudfit who ate nothing but potatoes for a year and managed to lose over 50 kilos

  12. I love how his GP (supposedly the ONE person who should know what the fuck they're doing) gave THE SHITTIEST advice ever, and clearly knows nothing about nothing. Short term? Don't eat lots of meat? No, how about we all support the high carb diet that made the entire world have an obesity crisis!

  13. also there are plenty of takeaway options too fried chicken, hot dogs and kebabs minus the bread. tandoori chicken, koftas, dry ribs, pulled pork and best of all this time of year barbeques!
    eating in restaurants is easy too just go for steak or fish or lambshank or pork belly or chops with just veggies and salad

  14. I am loving the keto diet and have never felt better. I think I have finally found the answer to all my problems. I feel happier, more energetic and am losing LOTS of weight. also I have never felt satisfied and full on any low fat diet before I have cravings and deprived but by cutting all sugar my cravings are gone and I struggle to eat my 1000 calories a day! also I only eat 70g of fat a day which is the recommended daily amount for a woman anyway so not lots but it does make up 70% of my diet.

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