Beginners Guide To Meal Prep | Step By Step Guide

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20 thoughts on “Beginners Guide To Meal Prep | Step By Step Guide

  1. I usually wash my chicken and mix the seasonings onto the chicken so that it cooks the chicken and it isn’t bland

  2. You must either be using a very dull knife or the wrong nice to cut meat if you think you're moving so much faster with those shears.

  3. Finally! Meal prep for someone who doesn't actually cook! But I can microwave and crock pot with the best of them! This is totally doable! Thank you, Sir!

  4. Am I reading that price right on the chicken? $8.96?!?!?! WHAT? Man we're getting bent here in Canada. It's like $12 for half of that at any grocery store here, sweet jesus.

  5. im really sad that i dnt have a job and dnt have any earning so i can efford these diets its really sad i feel i really want to have six pack abs but only thing is money which i dont have

  6. Excellent, and you have amazing body ? plz let grow ur eyebrows it’s so far apart . Whoever did ur eyebrows is not well trained in threading eyebrows.

  7. I’m confused. You said you eat about 224 for the whole day which should be about 52g. Per meal, but is it 52g. based on the chicken’s nutrients or based on weight?

  8. He touched the camera after touching the chicken WITHOUT washing his hands! I'll be surprised if he doesn't get sick. Be careful with raw meat people.

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