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► Today I’m sharing 3 easy and affordable lunch ideas and they are all vegan! I’ve shared a few older recipes and updated some, too! Can you help me get to 7500 likes!? ◄

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20 thoughts on “Bento Box Lunches | Healthy & Vegan! – Mind Over Munch

  1. I love these ideas. If only teachers had a good amount of time to eat. By the time I get the kids through the lunch line I usually have about 10 minutes to eat. ☹️

  2. This is giving me ideas with what to do with my fruit and veggie stash in the kitchen for little bento lunches for when I go to my 5 hour Friday college art class in the art studios. Thanks for this video on bentos!

  3. How would you go about heating something up in one of these boxes? Like the beans and rice, for example. You'd have to scoop it out and heat separately right? You wouldn't want to heat up the rest of the food….

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