25 thoughts on “Bikini Competition – Phase 1 Meal Prep

  1. Hi Kristen,
    Just curious, are you about 5’5″ to 5’7″ tall? Just looking at the whole
    picture of the diet. I know everyone is different, even the workouts.
    Thanks :)

  2. This is awesome!!!!! Thank you for making this video!! Can you make more
    videos using prep foods other than chicken and brown rice?

  3. Can i add a little bit of seasoning to add some flavor? And also, u say u
    put them in the fridge, r u supposed to eat the chicken cold?? I work at
    panda express and its haaarddd to eat healthy. Whenever i work all day i
    only eat 3x a day; breakfast, lunch, then dinner. I only have 2 breaks at
    work to eat. I try to eat the healthy options but idk if im eating right.
    Its hard for me to bring my lunch to work b/c we dnt have a microwave to
    use. So.if i pack a lunch it could only be for room temp.

  4. Yes, I try to let everything cool down before I put lids on as the heat
    from food can let off fumes from the heated plastic that is trapped with
    lids on that are not good for the body. I dont freeze my meals I put them
    in the fridge as I find that the food stays fresh for the 3 days.

  5. Thank you for posting this video. I’m launching myself into training for
    the first time and this really helps me get an idea of what to expect
    nutrition-wise. Questions I have for you or my coach are: -can you use
    olive oil spray or coconut oil rather than Pam? can you sub almond butter
    for peanut butter? Thanks again these are great!

  6. I’m confused cuz u said 6containers w/chicken &rice, and 6 w/chicken
    vegetables. It looks like all those containers have veggies in it.

  7. Yes you can add seasoning. I like Mrs. Dash! Anything with low sodium is
    fine. you put them in the fridge if you are preparing them for 3 days in
    advanced. You can cook the chicken and everything in the microwave when you
    are ready to eat it.

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