Blood Type Diets: Health Hacks- Thomas DeLauer


Blood Type Diets from Health Hacks with Thomas DeLauer is a helpful look at how some people choose to eat according to their blood types to try to maximize weight loss and get the most benefit from foods. Learn how antigens and proteins affect metabolism, digestion, and stomach acids. Join Celebrity Trainer & Organic Foods Expert, Thomas DeLauer to find out if one of these blood type-tailored diets is right for you and some of the factors that you should look at in order to make a decision to stay healthy and remain on track toward your health and fitness goals. Thomas Creates Loads of Health and Fitness Videos, and you can get more of them at: If you found this video helpful, head on over and “like” Thomas’s Facebook fan page at and subscribe to his channel on YouTube at the link below.

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10 thoughts on “Blood Type Diets: Health Hacks- Thomas DeLauer

  1. I'm type A and before I even knew about this I wasn't eating a lot of meat because it makes me bloat or not lose weight I was juicing and stuff and getting into the vegan lifestyle before I even knew about it. For me it's true. I'm allergic to some fish and wheat and chicken feathers maybe even chicken in general I'm in the process of checking.

  2. I'm type B… I am supposed to eat chicken… mainly salmon and definitely no beef and corn and wheat…

    now I lost a lot of weight mainly eating salmon and sweet potato and Asparagus.
    I did notice when I ate corn, my body would bloat up. same with wheat products. I bloat. beef just made me constipated. dairy isn't good for me either, it actually hurts my stomach.

    but chicken, as long as it is organic and natural I digest it well.

    so overall listen to your body and eat clean.

  3. Blood type diet ??? I'm on the foot type diet . ??? what a joke . There's no study in the history of the world that supports the blood type diet. It's all based off a bs book with no evidence . Foh

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