Brain Foods for Brain Health – UC Davis Health

Brain Foods for Brain Health - UC Davis Health

Learn more about UC Davis Health System’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center:

Dr. Liz Applegate’s presentation discusses specific foods and dietary supplements that may enhance brain health and transform diet to one that supports healthy aging and memory performance. Dr. Applegate is Director of Sports Nutrition and a Distinguished Lecturer at the University of California, Davis. Her educational focus is eating for optimal health and performance. She writes a column for Runner’s World, appears on national TV & radio and speaks to people of all ages about practical and science based approaches to optimizing oneself through diet.

This lecture is part of UC Davis Health System’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center 2016 Community Lecture Series sponsored by Sunrise Senior Living and Aegis Living. It was delivered live at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, California on November 29, 2016.

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20 Responses to Brain Foods for Brain Health – UC Davis Health

  1. WatchwomanOnTheWall 2015 says:

    only the synthetic Vitamin E is toxic. READ UP PEOPLE.

  2. hafid lalaoui says:

    Too much fucking blah blah blah.


    Terrible speaker, and more important her facts were not correct. " Brain food really is real.", "Hourish of time", "during gestation", "we're gonna age!", "…during the great years of thinking" ? This presentation was awful. She re-used slides from other presenters, and had terrible examples.

  4. Margics says:

    Limit so much butter and cheese really ??? I don’t think so. Saturated fat is so bad right haha 👎 well did you know that a table spoon of olive oil has more saturated fat than a fatty stake ? I don’t think you do but it’s the reality. We need the animal saturated fat. Where would we get the B vitamins and the K2 ? Without it we would run into serious problems including in the brain!!! This happened as one followed low fat diets. Too bad.

  5. Iggy Barrato says:

    I am sure Albert Einstein did not eat GMO foods and farmed fish and meat fed on chemicals and hormones not to mention preservatives and other chemical additives in everything else and don't forget all vegetables and fruit is sprayed with insecticides which are carcinogens. Also unbelievable daily stress of living caused by thousands of laws passed by governments to control people, cause wars,destroy economic stability and families is the biggest contributor to mental dysfunction.

  6. Marco Meerman says:

    No need to eat fish because fish have negative effects on cancer and heartdisease. Fish do not make their nutrients on themselves. They get them from plants. Therefore, eat the fats from plants directly so you leave the negative effects.

  7. ladydrgnfly921 says:

    If you want good info on brain health look up Dr. Daniel Amen on YouTube or at your local bookstore.

  8. ladydrgnfly921 says:

    She lost me at GMO’s being safe.

  9. Benjamin Shriver says:

    why is the heading, "Factors that MAY Impact Brain Aging"? why is may in the heading? Are they factors or are they not factors?

  10. Hisham Salem says:

    Love your video but we are not programmed to last forever

  11. Jorge Garcia de Alba says:

    Excellent Presentation!

  12. michael onello says:

    I can't listen anymore when she starts talking about dairy at about an hour in…..aghhhh

  13. michael onello says:

    Wow, dangerous advice, doesn't she look at the scientific research before making recommendations……

  14. TheFightaz says:

    Don't forget the reason why fruits are more filling than just juicing them is because of their fiber content. And eating a whole fruit instead of juicing it will release its glucose content slowly because of its fiber and that's what you want. Fruits and their meat fiber are low glycemic.

  15. Magnolia says:

    I love this video. very informative

  16. Elliot Bressloer says:

    Swimming a few lap's in a cold pool atleast four times a week, is the ultimate. There is zero need to heat a pool. The benefits are far better swimming in cold water. As for research? People just look at the blue Zones, your self. Susan

  17. Elliot Bressloer says:

    To all Jews in Utah and L.D.S headquarter's, I never had to associate with Pauline Weggeland or Granger and Dianne Peck. The 14 the amendment gives you that privledge. No, I will not go to Moyne Oviatt. Go jump in a lake controlling freak's. Sorry being lady like just gets you walked on like a door Matt. Susan

  18. Elliot Bressloer says:

    Oh yes I would of loved to have been writing my script, during my peak brain time span. However, breaking free of two controlling groups and people was a challenge. Susan

  19. Elliot Bressloer says:

    Staying out of synagogues and L.D.S. churches are the first place to eliminate stress. Two religion's that hostile at people who love to swim in mineral spring's, swim a few lap's in a cold pool, good diet, and the u.s.citizen basic constitutional religious right's. The right of association jews's feel I never deserved as a citizen. I am not Jewish or Mormon. I also had a right to pursue my career, without your big mouth's directing Me! Susan Marcile Nordhoff

  20. patti buske says:

    GMO promoter! She is actually saying that GMO is not critical and to forget that discussion in spite of the fact that many other countries ban GMO'S as dangerous with research on GMO's not lasting longer than 6 months due to evidence of harm showing up after the 6 month mark.

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