Brandon’s Daily Routine | Full Day of Exercise and Eating

My Typical Full Day of Exercise and Eating on a Sunday
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20 thoughts on “Brandon’s Daily Routine | Full Day of Exercise and Eating

  1. Love ur videos!!!
    Very informative!!
    I want to see the macro nutrient breakdown and every single detail of food u guys would recommend for a cutting phase and a bulk phase without getting fat just a clean bulk!
    You guys rock!!

  2. Just an FYI for anyone who regularly consumes excessive amounts of casein. Increased cancer risks!! Stop believing that it is "slow digesting" and "muscle preserving", it is simply untrue and not a quality source of food. MuscleTech is a CRAPPY CRAPPY CRAPPY company. You are paying for cancer causing ingredients.

  3. These videos are great, but you deserve better than boiled salmon. Get a cast iron skillet and get some nice browning and color on your meat and veggies!

  4. Buff dudes always bringing high level bodybuilding enertainment and always intelligently creative with their knowledge. You guys rock

  5. What did you add to the shrimp and Brussel sprouts recipe at 7:47? Looks like parmesian cheese and some kind of sauce, but it's impossible to tell.

  6. Don't people realise that body building , has a extreme negative effect on a persons sexuality??? Men become feminine, because their testicles don't function properly. And Women become extremely masculine, manly. Body building is not natural

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