** BREAKING NEWS ** Kieran Trippier To Have Atletico Madrid Medical | Tottenham Transfer Update


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20 Responses to ** BREAKING NEWS ** Kieran Trippier To Have Atletico Madrid Medical | Tottenham Transfer Update

  1. Daniel Clark says:

    foyth better in central defense

  2. Daniel Clark says:

    kyle walkter peters probably be the next right back…

  3. Daniel Clark says:

    think it agood price, some decision making sometimes mistake. £25 millions

  4. Jamie Lawson says:

    Think he has peaked so best option and at that price would drive him to Madrid myself.
    Options IMO would be Avles for a season to solidify that position then Doherty after.

  5. ohyeahyeah ohyeahyeah says:

    I'm absolutely buzzing with 25 mil, wouldn't necessarily buy anyone i think foyth deserves a chance

  6. MAZ 555 says:

    Trippier has one bad season and all of a sudden we want to get rid of him? We fans suck….he is a class player….we r losing class players it seems at the price of water compared to the current market….

  7. BCdWG says:

    Imagine not winning a trophy for over 10 years, thinking you’re a big club, and thinking 25m isn’t enough for Trippier 😂

  8. Peter Slupek says:

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  9. paul Russell says:

    I hope we get Meunier, great player.Especially as 3 players we were/are supposed to be interested in Alves, Cellobos and the young French centre half if reported correctly state they want to go to the South London team along the road from us, what is that about if they do, Levy cannot be being that tight with wages surely? Well here is to 3 or 4 more quality signings, maybe more if Rose, Toby, Wanyama and fringe players leave, COYS.

  10. John Mulhern says:

    Whoever we get he will be gone next season if he puts a foot wrong….it's idiotic getting rid so soon

  11. Bobby Shmurda says:

    He is quite literally a walking set piece

  12. Bobby Shmurda says:


  13. Ishaq Tarafdar says:

    Dani Alves

  14. Leigh Richards says:

    Rose also being flogged off by the look of things, he's been left out if the squad flying to Singapore today. So that's both our first choice left and right backs gone ☹️ people saying foyth can play there are deluded, he was a walking disaster every time he played last season. While sessignon looked poor in that awful Fulham defence last season. And looks like Toby and Christian night also be flogged off. Point I would make to anyone is would starting the season minus Toby, Christian, keiran and Danny make us stronger? Honestly can't see how it would!

  15. J WH14 says:

    we are NOT entering this season with Foyth even in consideration for the rb position, if we wanna level up he’s no where near good enough !

  16. aaron binstead says:

    I have a feeling Foyth will be used as right back this coming season

  17. Paul Ahton says:

    He is good going forward but you need your defenders to defend first and foremost.
    That he did not do last year.
    WC hangover ?
    Who knows.
    Not a big KWP fan either so worrying times.

  18. Anthony Lynch says:

    had to go..foyth liability and lacks pace and delivery..kwp no proven and Aurier injured..for me Max Aorans Norwich quality 20 mill would get him…

  19. Richard EVANS says:

    Thank God for that, now get rid of the awful foyth,

  20. Matthew Hood says:

    he is such a good player why are we selling him!!!

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