Britney Spears Checks Into Mental Health Facility | Daily Pop | E! News

The singer, who recently postponed her Vegas show, is focusing on self-care and has checked into a facility amid her father’s health scare. Watch!

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Britney Spears Checks Into Mental Health Facility | Daily Pop | E! News

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20 Responses to Britney Spears Checks Into Mental Health Facility | Daily Pop | E! News

  1. Marisol Omaña says:

    Mental health should never be a joke, but it's true, back in 07 it still was sort of a taboo and cool to mock, I hated those times. So happy that now there's more awareness and support to people going through this issues.

  2. The Femme Fatale says:

    She survived 2007, she can get through this. 😌

  3. maryam baruwa says:

    Stop bringing up 2007

  4. Dan uk says:

    Good girl Britney! I lost my dad last year and I needed to STOP , I think she'll come back stronger..she admitted herself! She's taking care of herself, I applaud that ❤️

  5. Jul says:

    That joke about the pink wig and the british accents SUCKS BIG TIME.

  6. Siri Olsen says:

    We seem to think of mental illness as it coming only from an emotional place, and that we need to work on emotions in order to heal. But in fact the the brain is a physical part of the body as the liver, kidneys, heart, etc.,  and in the same way these organs can get damaged by lack of nutrients/wrong nutrients, toxins, impact injury etc., so can the brain. And recent science also have found a very strong connection between the gut and the brain, where the gut bacteria communicate with the brain constantly, affecting how we think and feel, which makes a strong and healthy micro biome essential for good mental health. And you can only imagine how detrimental antibiotics (prescription and in our food), and the modern diet is to our mental and physical well being. We have to eat vegetable fiber in order to maintain a strong and healthy micro biome and those should be pesticide free, because pesticides are created to kill bacteria.. And that is another big part of the problem and maybe the biggest one, the environmental toxins we are surrounded by. From pesticides like glycophosphate (Round Up) to microplastic/BPA to lead and mercury that is truly neurotoxic and making people very sick. Lead is found in old paint, some dishes/appliances, especially common the ones with red paint, maybe your water, and mercury is found in fish (more in the big ones like tuna, shark), amalgam fillings (if you ever remove them if must be done safely by an IAOMT dentist or you could get severely ill), some vaccines, CFL light bulbs and maybe your water. It is worth checking if you are getting exposed to these metals and removing them. There are a lot of very ill people, both mentally and physically, who have gotten well from getting rid of these toxic metals and then chelating SAFELY. You can read some of the success stories by googling «andy cutler success stories». But I have to emphasize that you have to do this safely, there is a lot of very dangerous «natural detox» protocols out there that have made people very very sick, like taking cilantro or chlorella, you can read some peoples experiences with these by googling «andy cutler what not to do». I can’t stress enough how important it is to do this safely and I would encourage anyone who wants to look into this to read about the Andrew Cutler protocol and understand why it is safe, and join the Andy Cutler Facebook group to to get accurate information, see other peoples experiences and get support. So, what I am saying is that it is a physical aspect to mental illness that involves toxins and lack of/wrong nutrients which causes inflammation in the brain, and it can be reversed. But I’m not saying that talking about problems and working on emotions in a way that works for you isn’t helpful, cause it absolutely can be, but it might not be the root cause.

  7. random dude says:

    I remember how Britney was back in 2007 and honestly thought she was going to die. There was so much media attention it was like they were all bracing for the news that she was dead.

  8. Dee Rocker says:

    I can't stand this guy

  9. wildrose39 says:

    Mental health is never a joke, please be kind everyone 💖

  10. Stephanie Kao says:

    she Has An Unattractive face And Is Not A singer she Just Lip Syncs All The Time.

  11. Grant Rutter says:

    I can’t stand justin and his perspective. 2007… pink wigs …. cheap joke.

  12. Linda Brinkman says:

    I believe that she was truly in love with Kevin Federline. She had her sonS by him. That guy…

  13. GADCL4 says:

    Lol. She's always been a scatty self-absorbed mental case.

  14. kirch says:

    I never found what Britney went through funny 🙁

  15. abraka debra says:

    Brittany spears is on something and has been for a couple years. Look at her eyes they look different and I first noticed it when she was a judge on American idol or x factor not sure which show she was judge on. But her eyes pupils are bigger plus she always has a glossy look. She has got to be on something with her schedule.

  16. Jon Honesty says:

    Jason is 100% right

  17. Bad Company says:

    The best therapy is get back to basics and treat yourself good.

  18. Shilonious Monk says:

    Spear in his pants

  19. Lewis Cypher says:

    What a pos show! Rock on retards!

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