CALOBYE REVIEW: Korean Celebrity Diet Secret

Ever wanted to lose weight without having to give up eating rice, bread and noodles? Wondered how Korean Celebrities have been able to maintain their weight whilst eating normally?

This video includes my general review of CALOBYE – an increasingly popular diet brand in Korea. I go into depth about three products – diet pills, diet milkshakes and diet jellies. Feel free to leave comments below for any further questions!
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20 Responses to CALOBYE REVIEW: Korean Celebrity Diet Secret

  1. APink Arab's Fans says:

    Did it make you gain alot pf weight after you stop taking it ??

  2. BasicDamla says:

    You are so cute!!!

  3. Blinkk Pham says:

    Do you need any dietary restrictions for a flat stomach while drinking this?

  4. Fiercekat says:

    About to hit up lotte mart after work for this stuff

  5. zoe says:

    is there any way people in america can buy this?

  6. Gerard Reynolds says:

    diet pills = tablets with eggs of worms

  7. Haneen Al Shawi says:

    How can we find them or Buy them plz answer I want help I'm 200lb ☹️

  8. OneVeronique says:

    Some have found it a Korean grocery markets.

  9. Aria Eireen says:

    Is it really works? I have been considering to buy it

  10. Perry potato says:

    You guys can order calobye on Amazon but let me tell you, it costs a pretty penny!$$$

  11. Ishak Ibrahim says:

    Where can i buy it😢

  12. Brandon Donahue says:

    Im curious do guys use this stuff too? Im a big guy and I actually want to slim down but dont have a lot of time for strict diet and exercise routines.

  13. onectzen says:

    is it suitable for any ages ?? bcs im 15 but i cant go on a diet so im thinking to buy this

  14. Anh Dang says:

    how much weight did u lose, and can you lose weight if you don't have time to exercise? Thanks

  15. myso08 says:

    There's no english website version… It's all in Korean 👎🏻

  16. kina khan says:

    I cannot find the english website. I type calobye english website but it did not show up. Can you help me. So want to try this out.

  17. Brenda Tan says:

    hello, is there a shop that i can buy calobye from in korea? 🙂

  18. kina khan says:

    Thank you for sharing. Will buy this and try it out.

  19. Dina Soaring says:

    Love the video Yoori! 😊

  20. LyonGhase says:

    Hi! Im currently consuming only the water jelly?
    I was wondering if it help to dissolve your fats or is just an alternative to snacking ?

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