25 thoughts on “Carb Backloading: The Greatest Low Carbs Diet?

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  2. Thanks for sharing Vince, even though I don’t agree with everything you’ve
    said you help a lot of people and that deserves big respect bro

  3. I’ll be honest — CBL looks great on paper, but when it comes to creating
    long-term results, I think most guys will be disappointed. I EMPHATICALLY
    recommend you DO NOT use this if size is your goal and if you’re an
    ectomorph. I categorize CBL as an “extreme” diet and for most people,
    “extremes” result in extreme disappointment….

  4. hi about the caffeine and creatine question if you take both i’ve been
    taking for about 7 weeks now fatburners with caffeine and creatine 2 pills
    of fatburner daily about 160mg caffeine and 500 mg green tea extract 4
    pills creatine 1750mg each i can honoustly say that i have no con’s with
    this and i’ve actually increased my strenght went from 90kg benchpress to
    110 bench maybe it depends person to person who knows lol ps huge fan peace

  5. If you’re bulking, regardless of your body type, the words intermittent
    fasting, carb back loading or low carb shouldn’t even be in your

  6. 1-2 scoops whey protein (depends on how much protein you want),1 banana,1
    tbsp peanut butter,1 tbsp honey,100g of oats (or more or less depends on
    how much carbs you want) hope that helps,one of the healthiest mass gainers
    out there

  7. I think you are right on about CrossFit. I agree it is not for the
    “average, out-of shape” person. A lot of the movements I feel fall in to
    the category of “stunts” more so than exercises, and the risk-to-reward
    ratio is just too high, especially for low condition clients. (muscle ups,
    toes-to-bar, full range situps on glute/ham bench) I like the fact that
    they try to incorporate Olympic Weightlifting, but the level of instruction
    for Oly-lifting does vary GREATLY from box to box. Good call.

  8. I find your answers encouraging. Still working at getting back to what I
    used to be able to do before my illnesses. Though with some of the
    operations that might not be possible but, I can strive to improve.

  9. vince ive heard that coffee and creatine should not be mix together,, but
    what if i take the coffee 90 mins pre workout,, then later the creatine
    15mins pre workout,, does it still lessen the effect??? by the way im an
    ectomorph but have belly fats they say coffee helps burn fats can i take
    coffee even if im skinny or should i not???

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