25 thoughts on “Cardio Before or After Workouts? | FITNESS TIP TUESDAY

  1. If I were to do cardio after a work out and drink a protein shake before.
    How long should I wait until I start my cardio. 

  2. Hi Brett! Idk if this qualifies as a tip.. its more of a question/concern
    type thing. Whenever I do squats I have this horrible vision of my kneecaps
    just blowing out. Like popping out of place or dislocating. Could that
    actually happen? Is there any safety measure to take to make sure my knee
    caps stay in tact lol….

  3. Hey Brett, I do a ton of ab work, and the definition is just starting to
    peep through, people keep telling me to do more cardio and cut back
    calories for the definition to show but I’m already very slim and don’t
    want to lose weight. help?

  4. What are your thoughts on Jim Stoppannis bodybuilding program? It combines
    1 minute of cardio in between your sets

  5. Hey Brett! Please do not take this the wrong way, I am not trying to come
    across as mean or anything like that. Ive lost nearly 100lbs all at home,
    completely changed my life around. In the process I became vegan / plant
    based because the health benefits are undeniable. I just wonder why you
    recommend whey protein vs a vegan protein shake. I know MANY people are all
    about the protein, and I agree, its definitely necessary but its proven
    that plant protein is just as efficient and better / easier to digest and
    really we don’t need as much protein as a lot of people think. I just don’t
    think meat and animal sourced protein is a good option for everyone. What
    do you think? 

  6. you are so handsome! (i know that is beside the point of this video and I
    do appreciate the tips but I just had to say it)

  7. Thx Brett!!! I swear I keep learning from you. I do need to start drinking
    protein shakes because I want to build muscle.
    Any tips to stay away from coffee? I know it’s not good but to stay in
    shape should I keep drinking it or stay away? Thx 🙂 

  8. Brett, how can I prevent late night cravings ? Also I think I hit a plateau
    and I don’t see any difference in my abs. Any tips ?

  9. After the busy holidays and so much food, Its difficult to get back into
    working out again. Can you please do a how to get back your motivation and
    energy after the holidays please! 

  10. i have to be a work at 7 so i cant work out in the morning and i dont get
    home until about 430. i usually try to do 20 minutes on the elliptical at
    level 4 and then 20 minutes on the treadmill at incline 3 the whole time at
    speed 3 for 5 minutes and then run and walk for every other minute for 10
    minutes and then back to speed 3 for the last 5 minutes. once i get my
    cardio done, i do weights or some type of HIIT workout. i just dont know if
    thats all the right thing to do. i used to do crossfit for 2 1/2 years but
    now that i am just in a regular gym i am trying to find a routine that
    works. my goal is to lose 5-10 pounds but i feel like im stuck. i feel like
    its my routine in the gym.

  11. Hi Brett, I have an old knee injury and when it starts to get to the colder
    seasons it is harder for me to work out. When running I am unable to run as
    hard and long, lunges and squats hurt etc. What do you think I should do?

  12. Hola Brett!! Hey, could you please do some workout inspired of crossfit or
    something like that? I heard is great but I don’t know I think is quite
    difficult!! thank you :)

  13. im a girl and i just wanna loose some belly and back weight and get toned
    and shaped. i watched the video and i still dont know whats best. please
    help! thank u :)

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