20 thoughts on “Carnivore Diet – The Anti-Vegan Healthy Choice?

  1. Interesting, I didn't know there was already someone promoting a carnivorous diet. I recently started to make this diet change myself based on my own opinions and understanding of body mechanics. It's cool to know that I made the same choice as someone so highly qualified.

  2. with in two seconds of the video, he is trying to sell you something. yeah this is a honest video. oh and the "dr." he is talking about on the rogan show had his medical licenes taken away for hurting his patients health. ha ha ha i recommend all willfully ignorant people eat as much meat as possible as often as possible. yes also eat tons of fish . faster to get rid of you guys and let the world evolve.

  3. Like how you say vegan isn’t the healthiest diet according to science but Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye both advocate a plant based diet. They definitely don’t advocate a ketogenic or paleo diet.

  4. There’s more to health than just proteins carbs and fats. Lacking Lots of good nutrition with this diet for overall optimal health

  5. Cutting out everything but meat, fish, and whey protein is brutal, but I've tried it and it works for dropping a few pounds last minute while staying strong.

  6. Remember vegetarian is just another diet. Just one that attacks a lot of judgemental preachy types.

    I eat food that has one ingredient per serving and doesn't come in packages. It works for me, you should eat food that works for you.


  7. We don't debate what a healthy diet for chimps or cows or cats we know what they have evolved to eat why do we as humans always try and find this holly grail diet that often is not what we were designed for. Eat what are ancestors ate fruit and vegetables and meat it's not rocket science. Nature dictates what's optimal for each living organism to eat as their diet if eating only meat was the best way we would be carnivores not omnivores simple.

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