How Your Body Transforms On A Vegan Diet

Looking at 8 clinical trials and a dozen of other studies on vegans we take a look through time at what changes you can expect and when as well as some hurdles and myths. Part 2:–L9tDk
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My Whole Food Vegan Video:

Milk and Hormone Manipulation:

Inflammation Response After Egg and Sausage Meal:

Beyonce Diet Gas Article:

Increase Bean Consumption Symptoms Study:

Discomfort Stopped after 24-48 hours study:

Legumes and Survival:

Vegan Gut Type:

Enterotypes and Foods:

Vegan Gut / TMAO Study:

Vegans More Regular Poopers Oxford Study:

3 Week Artery Clearing Dietary Trial:

Vegan Protein Levels Are Higher Study:

12 Weeks Diabetics Gone Vegan Trial:

14 Week Obesity Weight Loss Vegan Study:

16 Week Vegan Migraines Study:

16 Week Office Worksite Study:

22 Week Vegan Diabetes Trial:

22 Week Workplace Vegan Trial – Productivity, etc.:

24 Week Vegan Keto Dietary Trial:

Vegans 16% less cancer:

Vegan Less Mortality:

Vegan Diabetes:

Vegans 10% less Hypothyroidism:

Vegan 63% less Hypertension:

Vegan Less Heart Disease:
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Top 15 Best Pregnancy Foods and Diets – Healthy Pregnancy Diet | Health Tips Videos

Top 15 Best Pregnancy Foods and Diets – Healthy Pregnancy Diet | Health Tips Videos

Do you want to know about the Top 15 Best Pregnancy Foods and Diets for a very healthy pregnancy? Here is a list of the most nutritious Pregnancy food that can help you in a better pregnancy and a very healthy baby. Here are the 15 Must-Eat Foods for Pregnancy.

It is a fact the foods that taste good are one of the most essential luxuries of modern every day living. But it is a highly unfortunate things that most of our every day diet is full of preservatives and other bad ingredients that one should avoid especially women in pregnancy.

No need to be sad or woried because we have a list of some quick and easy nutritious Pregnancy foods that are genuinely good for pregnant women, specially if what you need is a delicious yet healthy light meal or snack.

No. 1: Fortified Cereal
No. 2: Dried Beans
No. 3: Broccoli
No. 4: Nonfat Milk
No. 5: Bananas
No. 6: Lean Meat
No. 7: Cheese
No. 8: Eggs
No. 9: Oatmeal
No. 10: Green Vegitables
No. 11: Whole Grain Bread
No. 12: Oranges
No. 13: Nut Butters
No. 14: Soy Foods
No. 15: Dried Fruit

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A Proper Diet Is Critical For Good Health Says Dr. Angela Agrios, ND – In this video Dr. Angela Agrios, ND (A California Licensed Naturopathic Doctor) explains why proper diet is critical for good health. This video segment is part three of her “Five to Thrive” presentation at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy in Pacific Palisades, California (Los Angeles area). In this section, she explains that • Most packaged food is processed and refined and therefore these types of “foods” are not good for us • Most “real” food at grocery stores are not in the isles but on the sides of the store, and can be especially found in the produce section • Organic, whole food is the best • Whatever the diet choice (vegetarian or not), eating more vegetables — and lots of them — is required for good health, especially because of the fiber, minerals and antioxidants • Eat wild fish, and smaller fish, to avoid mercury and other toxins • Grass fed beef is better than grain fed beef (meaning, eat organic beef) • Organic eggs from free range chickens are the best eggs to eat • Raw dairy and raw butter is best • A whole grain does not mean flour • Healthy fats we need, including coconut oil and olive oil, and avocado • Coconut oil is great for cooking with • Avoid processed oils that can cause free radicals • Avoid hydrogenated oils, like margarine • Eat fresh fruits instead of dried fruits • No sugars, and especially no artificial sweeteners, like Aspartame • Water, filtered water, with no fluoride or chlorine, is best • Find a farmer’s market
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