Fat Loss Diet Programs AND Weekly AB WORKOUT VIDEOS

Fat Loss Diet Programs AND Weekly AB WORKOUT VIDEOS

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Fousfit.com – Fitness and Diet programs for Active Lifestyles

I’ve owned fousfit.com for 3 years and have a business plan mapped out for how to stay in shape while traveling the world, busy work schedule at home, finding balance between work/working-out/partying etc. Fitness programs for both the gym, outdoor bootcamp, and 2 week vacation workout programs in addition to diet guides. Stay tuned!
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Ultra Fitness Pro – Training Program & Healthy Nutrition Diet Plan

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The All-in-one Fitness App to help you achieve your true potential

– Carefully selected Exercises for optimal results!
– Detailed Workout Programs and Meal Plans that perfectly coexist to meet your goals.
– Incredible Tasting Healthy Dishes to help keep you on Track with your fitness journey.


– 100+ Different Exercises
– 100+ Video Demonstrations with detailed Steps
– 30+ Workout Programs created for specific goals
– 30+ Delicious Healthy Recipes to keep you on track with your diet
– 40+ Meal plans all designed to meet your goals
– Track and measure Workout Progress
– Body Metrics graph for your body progress
– Email Training Support and Tips


– 30+ Researched backed workouts created by a Qualified Personal Trainer
– Beginner to Advance workouts designed to Torch Fat for amazing Weight Loss Results!
– Pack on Lean Muscle Mass with Scientifically Researched Workouts
– Super Sets and Drop Sets included for High Intensity Workouts
– Track Your Progress with the easy to use workout calendar


– 40+ Meal Plans design to meet your goals
– Calorie Calculator to inform of how much to eat
– Easy to make meals for Fat Loss or to Build Muscle
-Macro Nutrients given for each meal so you know what your eating!


– 30+ Unbelievable Healthy Tasting Recipes
– Quick Snack Recipes to help Stoop Food Cravings and to Treat yourself guilt Free
– Recipes that fit perfectly with your Plan to keep you on Track!
– Mark your most Loved recipes to the Favourites List for quick access
– Macro Nutrients provided for each Recipe

Upgrade to Ultra Fitness Gold Package for unlimited access to our Gold Star Awarded workouts, carefully selected and highly recommend by a Qualified Personal Trainer! Access to all the meal plans and recipes, get further support and extra training tips via email, No Ads and more for .99/month or .99/year through renewable iTunes Subscription.

Achieve your Dream Body Today with Ultra Fitness!
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Weight Loss and Dieting Programs DIY HOME HEALTH FITNESS Programs

Weight Loss and Dieting DIY HOME HEALTH FITNESS Programs
Your health, heart, and body, are the vessels, through which you access the world. Nothing is more important than your diet, weight, overall health , fitness and lifestyle

In today’s health conscious environment, when approaching the intricacies of weight loss and dieting practices, one must also be constantly aware of themselves and the details of their daily lives.

Your schedule, and specific needs, for you to be able to function to your peak potential, MUST be evaluated, to choose the right weight loss program for your lifestyle.
Get great video tutorials, tips, and advice, on the best dieting programs, and the best, fastest ways to lose weight.

For the best online weight loss and dieting tips, and advice for a modern, healthy lifestyle!

Join MediaVizual.com, in this online marketing report, on the best and most health-conscious strategies and ways to lose weight.

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Faithful Workouts: THE resaon 95% or diet/exercise programs fail.

95% of all exercise/diet programs fail because of this. If you want to reach you fitness goals you must do this. Want more info. on how to make the changes needed?? www.faithfulworkouts.com
Christian Exercise DVD

Here at Faithful Workouts, we want to help you break free from unhealthy habits and to do just that we start with faith. We are often asked, “What does faith have to do with my fitness program?” We believe the secret to reaching your fitness goals is to first admit you can’t do it on your own and then ask God to help you.

“Knowing God leads to self-control.” (2 Peter 1:6)

Not only does a closer relationship with God help us with self-control, it also helps us with stress and worry. Our emotions affect our health. Stress, worry, impatience, and anger are now known to be stronger precursors of heart disease than smoking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. If we want to improve our physical health, we have to improve our emotional and spiritual health. God promises us peace when we trust Him with all parts of our life.

“A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body.” (Proverbs 14:30)

This may not happen overnight, but when you keep God at the center of your fitness program, you will then be on a path where you will find all the tools, strength and self-control you need to make lasting changes. That’s why we put faith first.

The best place to begin this journey with us is by signing up for the FREE f3 plan where you receive 70+ faith-based workout videos, meal plans, recipes, weekly articles, and inspiring stories from people you can connect with. Copy and paste the following link into your browser to sign up for our FREE f3 plan!


Remember to like and follow Faithful Workouts for devotionals, messages, articles, and more!

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My Diet/Fitness Routine

Click “show more” to…. SHOW MORE! (:
This video has been highly requested recently…so here ya go!
I just want to stress that we all have different bodies and what works for you might not work for me, and vice-versa.

Check out my last video!


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**How old are you?**
19 years old
**How tall are you?**
**What do you film on?**
Sony Handycam HDR-CX110
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E-mail me whatever your heart desires: GlamAndGloss01@yahoo.com

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Diet & Fitness Routine + Six Pack Abs Shortcut

My morning diet & fitness routine for Winter 2015 for fast weight loss including what I eat to lose weight & how I get a six pack in 20 minutes a day. This is what is working for me at the moment helping me to lose weight fast at home:) 25% off the Flexbelt:http://www.theflexbelt.com/vlg/ciarahoneydip #FitnessFriday

♡ Flexbelt: I couldn’t believe it at first but this is actually not a gimmick! It’s cleared by the FDA and it really feels like you did a full ab workout once you build your intensity up. Crunches hurt my neck and back so I like using this instead.

♡ Waist Trimmer: I got this one at Target for but you can totally find a cheaper one for at Walmart.

♡ Make sure to eat a Protein, Fat, and Carb in the morning like I did in the video to help stabilize your blood sugar which helps you lose weight, stay full, and boost your metabolism!

♡ Here is what I drink to curb cravings and speed up my metabolism in the mornings. You can also drink regular hot water with lemon, but this is more tasty and gives me that extra burn:
De-Carb Green Coffee Extract
.99 on the site, .00 with coupon code + free shipping for US

♡ Doing CARDIO in the morning burns fat people! Dont’ forget along with a healthy diet and ab exercises it is important to get moving so you can burn the fat surrounding your abs.

♡ Always take measurements along with your weight. I got the one in the video when I lived overseas but you can order one online or find it at Walmart or Target. As for weight this is what I use to take all my measurements including weight, body fat, BMI, Water weight, and more:
Digital Body Analyzer: http://vanityplanet.com/digital-body-analyzer
original: 4.99 discount: .00 + free shipping for US


♡ Other Recent Health & Fitness Vidz ♡
♡ How I lost 30 LBS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClnboTxwix8
♡ How To Lose Weight FAST and Naturally:

♡ Best Teas For Weight Loss:

♡ My Weight Loss Journey with before and after Pictures:

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♡ Updated Room Tour!

♡ What I Do For a Living and How To Get Your DREAM Job!


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Thank you so much for watching my videos, reading my blog, and supporting me!:)

♡Knowledge Is Beauty♡

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