The BEST Bulk Up Workout Program I’ve Ever Used…

Follow this old school bodybuilding program to pack on muscle fast.

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When it comes to building muscle and strength you don’t need a lot of fancy machines or complicated workout programs. You just need to get really good at doing the basics.

One of the best bulking programs that I’ve ever followed is the 20 Rep Squat Routine. This old school bodybuilding program has been around for the better part of a 100 years. And it really works for packing on size, strength, and gaining muscular body weight.

I’ve posted up a YouTube video showing the complete 20 rep squat program that you can watch at:

I also have a blog post with the full 20 rep squat program written out in detail at:

20 Rep Squat Routine

If you’re a skinny guy (or gal) who is looking to get bigger and stronger, than I recommend you give this program a try for yourself.

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