My Diet and Exercise Routine! After 40!

Thanks to all of you who requested this video! This is my workout routine for the last 13 years! I have 2 workouts that I do and I alternate them when I workout. I’ve included my basic diet as well. Please keep in mind that I am not a exercise professional or a nutritionist. This is just what works for me and what I do to maintain my shape as I age.

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Tanvir lost 13kg in 3mnths, Full Diet Plan Idea, Weightloss Story, No Diet-No Exercise, Dr Shalini

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Tanvir lost 13kg in 3mnths, Full Diet Plan Idea, Weightloss Story, No Diet-No Exercise, Dr Shalini
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Blood Sugar Control and a Diet and Exercise Plan to Reverse Diabetes
I know it’s hard to learn new habits and make lifestyle changes when you find out you have diabetes. Learning as much as you can about Diabetes is critical to the quality of your future, because you can control or reverse your diabetes.

Blood Sugar
Blood Sugar Control
Reverse Diabetes
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MY FITNESS ROUTINE | Diet & Exercise 2016

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The Abs Diet Workout 1

The Abs Diet Workout is the perfect home fitness program designed to incorporate all elements of total body conditioning. It is presented in 3 parts: diet, exercise routine (circuit training) and abs routine. Entertaining and easy to follow, this program boasts no gimmicks, bell or whistles. It simply delivers a solid full body workout that can be adopted into any lifestyle. It’s designed so that you can watch it over and over and always get something out.
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