Fitness Check after 2 Months of Outdoor Climbing ! Training Vlog

What did I lose? What did I gain? How did over two Months of Outdoor Climbing affect my Boulder Gym Fitness? Let’s find out!

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Fitness Check after 2 Months of Outdoor Climbing ! Training Vlog

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Loudness and Clarity by Joakim Karud
Wind by Akeboshi (Outro)
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The Fit App helps you find a fitness partner nearby.

The Fit App helps you find a fitness partner nearby.

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Tinder, TV & Find a Fitness Buddy Online

10 practical reasons to meet a fitness buddy online.

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Ever considered becoming a Fitness Model? Find out how Courtney Amelia & Katie Jean got started.

Ever considered becoming a Fitness Model? Find out how Courtney Amelia & Katie Jean got started.

Meet Courtney Amelia and Katie Jean. Both are sponsored athletes and competitive fitness models. Learn how these inspirational women got started, how they prepare for competitions and what they eat to maintain their rocking bodies!

Why some people find exercise harder than others | Emily Balcetis

Why do some people struggle more than others to keep off the pounds? Social psychologist Emily Balcetis shows research that addresses one of the many factors: Vision. In an informative talk, she shows how when it comes to fitness, some people quite literally see the world differently from others — and offers a surprisingly simple solution to overcome these differences.

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How to find a personal fitness trainer in Phoenix 85032

Address: 3510 E. Bell Rd #11 Phoenix 85032
Call (623) 980-3485
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Hi my name is Seth Thurston I’m a personal trainer and owner of Thurston Personal Training private training studio. I just want to talk with you a little bit about how to hire a personal trainer. There is a lot of things you want to look at before you make a decision because it’s a big investment, a great investment however.

Experience is extremely substantial when hiring a trainer. Is the trainer qualified to help you reach your goals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. How many clients has the trainer helped reach their goals that are similar to what you are trying to accomplish. Is the atmosphere conducive to a workout environment, is it motivating is it inspiring, do you feel comfortable being at the gym.

You want your trainer to motivate you, ask him what tactics he will use to motivate you. Number one he shouldn’t look like he needs a trainer himself. He should be motivating to you to look at. Ask what motivational tactics he will be using to help you and keep you on track, or what motivational tactics he has used on previous clients that has worked for them reach their goals.

Your trainer should have a base level of knowledge on nutrition. If you are trying to build muscle or lose body fat your body needs certain nutrition to optimize what you are getting out of your training and workouts. He needs to know what they are that you need and how to implement them into your schedule and lifestyle.

Meet with a few different trainers to see if you like them, and you can work with them in the future.

Ask what his availability, will he be flexibly with your schedule, does the time slot work with your schedule so that you can be consistent and be successful.

Ask about prices. You want to find a trainer that fits everything you want and fits in your budget. You want it to fit in your budget so you can stick with it long enough to reach your goals.

When looking for a fitness program you have a couple different options you want to look at.

Personal training is great, you get a 1 on 1 customized program. Everything is based on your needs. The program starts where you should start at and progresses as you should and as you are comfortable. You also get a little more attention/motivation/accountability from your trainer.

Another option is group fitness training. This is a great option because you not only get support, motivation from your trainer but from other people in the group. The comradery helps inspire you and provides a little healthy competition so everyone pushes themselves.
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