Hi Guys, this is a follow up video to my weight loss story that I posted 5 months ago… I have maintained the same weight without making any changes to the way I eat. I really love the meals that I prepare without oil and it really is quite easy once you get used to it.

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Low Fat Diet vs Low Carb Diet: Which Is Better for You?

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In this video you’ll learn how to choose between a low fat and a low carbohydrate diet. This is been one of the biggest debates recently with the rising popularity of macro tracking and IIFYM.

Video summary:

When looking at your diet setup there’s 2 phases: Fat Loss and Muscle building

Protein is changing based on the phase and scaling with your lean body mass. There’s a lot of research backing that up.

After Protein we determine the Fat intake, and put the rest of calories to carbs.

Fat loss phase:

If carbs are too low low during energy restriction it can negatively influence your training. And this would then reduce your ability to retain lean body mass.

Fat intake recommendations for dieting based on research vary from 15- 25% of total calories.

15% is lower than ideal for most people, and it’s not sustainable long term but it can work short term for 4-6 weeks.

So typically 20-25% is used.

After you choose fat 20-25% then you just invest all the rest of calories into training.

For most people it will be fine to setup the diet with the minimum amount of fat necessary and then invest all the other calories into carbs to allow heavy training.

Minimum Recommended Fat intake:

Fat loss requires caloric restriction, and reduced calories mean reduced macros.

When setting up a diet we need to be aware not to go too low on fat.

Dangers of low fat intake:
– Heart Problems
– Vitamin Deficiency (ADEK)
– Excessive Appetite
– Mood Problems and Depression
– Reduced testosterone and other hormone issues

To prevent this aim for a minimum of 0,5 grams per kg of Bodyweight coming from fat per day.

Fat intake for the Muscle gaining phase:

In the higher caloric intake phase we can have fat as a higher percentage of total calories.

Between 20-30% of calories come from fat is fine in this phase.

Fat is very calorie dense at 9 kcal per 1 gram so adding a higher fat intake is recommended if you’re struggling with getting in the calories.

Some people operate better on a low carb / high fat diets.

How do you figure out if that’s you?

There’s a few genetic indicators but for the most part we need to test this out ourselves.

High fat diet means that the percentage of calories coming from fat is higher than 35% of total intake as opposed to recommended 15-30%

High fat diets would work for people with insulin resistance.

There’s a way to test yourself and I recommend trying this out if your family history of diabetes and if suspect that you operate better on a higher fat intake.

How do you test?

During the gaining phase for 1 month consume a 40-45% fat diet, while keeping protein and calories consistent..

So basically you’re just changing your carbs to fat ratio.

Then during this month keep an eye on and write down how you feel, what’s your mood and energy level.

Then when that month is complete for the second month setup your diet so 20% of calories come from fat while keeping calories and protein the same.

Then a the end of the month compare how you felt in the each phase and if the higher fat worked better than the lower fat.

It might seem hard to find out but it’s definitely worth it because you’ll finally know if a higher fat diet is something that works for you.

That would be all for this video. Hope you enjoyed.

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My Weight Loss on a HIGH CARB / LOW FAT DIET | Eat More, Weigh Less !

High carb was the missing link for me after some years of my journey to and through health! After years of battling with an eating disorder, veganism was the first thing that helped me start to get better. The ‘raw food diet’ did a lot for me at first, health wise, but in the end wasn’t the best for me mentally/emotionally, and paired with lingering body image issues made me gain a heap of weight. With high carb I am finally free, happy, healthy.

Because this way of eating is so close to the optimal human diet (yet its not necessarily necessary to eat 100% perfect, which would feed a lot of the diet/body image neuroses…), it helps us not only reach optimal body weight/shape/size/fitness *while eating all we care for and not exercising like crazy*, it also heals through finally supplying enough essential glucose to the brain and healing brain chemistry imbalances (which cause cognitive impairment and, I believe, can lead to/trigger mental disorder, such as an eating disorder….).

High carb is not ‘a diet’, it’s as close to the intended human diet as we can get in this day and age

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Love, Imaya


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How To Diet To Get To 6% to 8% Body Fat | Kinobody

In this video, I’ll show you how to reduce your body fat percentage. If you want a diet to lose body fat, this is a must-watch. The tips I give are great for getting to 6-8% body fat. Many people find it hard to diet to get lean and ripped, but I’ll show you how to get a low body fat percentage with ease. Not only that, but I’ll show you how to maintain your low body fat as well. After the video make sure you check out other tatics to look great year round here:
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Will A Low Fat Diet Improve My Health? – Should I Eat Meat? – BBC

Michael Mosley explores what can happen when a low fat diet is implemented, would everybody get better, is saturated fat as bad as everyone believes?

Taken from Should I Eat Meat?

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How to Lose Weight on a Low Fat Vegan Diet

How to Lose Weight on a Low Fat Vegan Diet

A lot of people over complicate things when it comes to weight loss. Just eat healthy and train consistently and be patient.

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Why Low Fat Is Important

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully Organic and FullyRaw explains Why Low Fat is Important, and she shares with you 3 EASY Tips to help you avoid eating too much fat.

A Few Notes:

• Fats are GOOD, but only certain types of fat and not in excessive amounts
• A high fat diet, whether you are cooked or raw, is not healthy
• High fat consumption is the #1 reason why so many fail at the raw diet.
• While many think that sugar is the culprit to Candida, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer, I will argue that fat creates a more negative affect on our bodies than any source of sugar.

High Fat in Cooked Foods:
• Americans typically consume 1/3 of their calories from fat.
• For those that consume fast food sporadically (not daily), their fat intake is around 45%. (Please reference 80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham).
• Meats, grains, and other starchy foods contain higher fat than is healthful.
• Not always visible, deceiving to the eye.
• Be aware of what you are eating.
• A little goes a long way.

How much do we need?
• I recommend no more than 10%, however, less is best in this case.
• Point is that too many Americans eat a high fat diet. If we can reduce that, we drastically change the health of millions!

How to avoid eating High Amounts of Fat:

1) Eat More Fruit (You eat FAT b/c you want to feel satisfied and to feel heavier). Fruits is higher in vitamins and minerals without the fat, and it fuels your body to keep you functioning properly. If your body is a car, then fruit is your fuel. Keep it running!

2) Avoid oils and other packaged fats. If you are going to eat them, eat nuts and seeds or softer fats in their natural forms rather than in oil or packaged forms. A good rule of thumb is to not eat more than a handful each day or every few days.

3) Don’t keep it in your house! If it’s there, you are more likely to eat it! Stock up on fruits and veggies and make life simple and creative!

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