What to Eat For Dry Skin | Skin Care Tips | Healthy Living

Colder weather can translate into skin that feels dry, irritated, and flaky. While moisturizers and serums can help, eating the right foods do wonders. We talked to celeb skin guru Sonia Dakar to find out what we should be eating to hydrate the skin from the inside out. Sonia is an expert in the area, having just partnered with Paleta to create the perfect meal plan for glowing skin! Keep watching to find out what to start incorporating in your diet for moisture-rich skin.

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Healthy Living Tips – Episode 6: Self Control

I was recently asked for tips on self control when it comes to diet and time management, so here are my thoughts. One thing to keep in mind is that self control is a gift, it takes time to learn and practice it, and to find techniques that work for you. Here’s the link to my food blog for photos and more advice: notjustapples.blogspot.com And here’s the formspring link www.formspring.me