The Best Women’s Workout Routine to Build & Tone Muscle Butt – Tips to Get That Sexy Physique Workouts For Women ..

A lot of women are interested in building muscle mass, but they don’t know how. With the right workout routine any woman can change her body definition and increase muscle mass.

The best women’s workout routine to build and tone muscle involves performing specific weight lifting movements. Moreover, when training with weights to build and tone muscle your workout routine should involve adding slow but consistent resistance to the muscle.

If you are just starting out with lifting weights you should start small. Start out with no more than 5 pound weights, and keep your repetitions to a maximum of 10.

An effective woman routine focuses on slowly working toward overloading the muscle group. Over time the weight you’re working with will become easy to lift.

Once this happens it’s time to increase the amount of weight you lift. Each time a weight gets easy to lift, try to increase the weight by at least 5 pounds. You should also gradually increase your reps as well.

It is time to build some beautiful feminine muscle. Don’t worry about getting “too big” because women do not have the right amount of hormones to build a ton of muscle.

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Today’s Workout:

Exercise Combo 1

Barbell Squat or Dumbbells if at home 12 -10 – 8 (increasing weight with each set)
ss (superset)
Deadlift 15 – 15 -15

Exercise 2

Sumo Squat 12 – 10 – 8

Exercise Combo 3

Lying Leg Curl 20 – 20 – 20
Step Up 15 – 12 – 10

Exercise Combo 4

Leg Extension 12 – 10 – 8
Glute Bridge 20 – 20 -20

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8 MINUTE MORNING Workout (Fast Morning FAT BURNER!!)

Perfect Morning Workouts to Burn Fat!

Today’s 8 minute morning workout is super fast and a great fat burner! This 8 minute workout might be short, but it’s a real energizer and will help you burn calories and lose weight! Add this at home workout to your morning routine to start off your day with a huge fat burn!

This morning workout contains four exercises. Do each exercise for 50 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest, then repeat the entire set again. You can even do this a.m. routine 3 or 4 times through for a 12 minute workout or a 16 minute workout.

Here are the fat burning exercises in this morning workout:

1) 10 Wide Legs/High Knees/Inside Feet – This will give you a quick cardio boost to help you get started burning fat right away!

2) Cut Throat Pushups – This move is great for arms and chest and contains several modifications to make sure you can do it no matter what your fitness level.

3) Jump Squat with Dragon Lunge – This killer exercise hits legs and butt and will help burn calories too!

4) Plank Pendulum – Challenges the abs and keeps the fat burn going strong!

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SALLY MATTERSON – Fitness Model: Women’s Workout Routine To Get Strong And Toned @ Australia

Australian Fitness Model SALLY MATTERSON shows how to stay beautiful and in shape.

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Women’s Big Butt Building Workout in the GYM!! Part 1

This intense Gym Workout will build a nice round butt and sexy athletic Legs. Female Fitness Model Michelle Lewin will showing showing you one of her lower body workouts using the Smith Rack. Training with gym equipment allows you to lift more weights and really build your muscles.
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When Michelle started working out she had skinny legs and no butt. But through years of hard work she was able to build a butt and sexy athletic legs…An You Can Too!
Exercise 1: Alternating Stepping Back Lunges
Set 1: Warm-up set No Weight
Set 2: 10lbs per side 20 reps per leg
Set 3: 20lbs per side 15 reps per leg
Set 4: 30lbs per side 12 reps per leg
Set 5: 40lbs per side 10 reps per leg

Exercise 2: Single Leg Stepping Back Lunges
3 Sets with 20lbs 8-12 reps per leg

Exercise 3: One leg Squat Back foot on bench
3 sets 8-12 reps with 10lbs

Exercise 4: Step Ups
2 Sets of 8-12 reps 10lbs

Exercise 5: Wide Squats
2 Sets of 8-12 reps using 40lbs

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
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