Connor Murphy Trains at Planet Fitness

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Rack Pulls: 5 sets 5-8 reps
Lat Pull Downs: 5 sets 8-10 reps
Cable Rows: 5 sets 8-10 reps
Machine Pull Downs: 3 sets plus drop set 8-12 reps
Machine Row: 3 sets plus drop set 8-12 reps

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JJD – Halcyon [NCS Release]


20 thoughts on “Connor Murphy Trains at Planet Fitness

  1. I don't like these kind of guys, these guys treats girls like shit…. these kind of guys thinks girls are only after body… u shit head….

  2. I go to a boxing gym we have a separate area for weights and this was sad to do to the fact of lower body is a big part of boxing and there r no squat racks

  3. Your a piece of shit I work out at all different kinds of gyms and u dnt know wtf ur talking about u think u know what ur talkin bout boy but u dnt first of all ur not that swoll second I know guys that work out at planet fitness that are way bigger than u and have no problem people like to work out there cuz it's cheap but idiots like u think u gotta work out at a place that's well known to be a professional body builder but let me tell u that as long as there are weights it don't matter we're u work out at so for any one that likes to work out dnt b discourage by this concieded piece of shit cuz I spent 5 years in the pennitentary and got swoll off of top ramen mostly unhealthy food get it how u can and dnt feel bad for working out any were u can and dnt let these priveledged white kids discourage u and if ur broke then work out at planet fitness

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