Creating a News Report

This video is about Creating a News Report
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20 Responses to Creating a News Report

  1. Hom Nath Dhungyal says:

    Love you

  2. Sham 0n3._. says:

    I'm here bc I never understood my English class back in elementary. But this kind a helped me tho.

  3. ValerieMelendrez News says:

    0:26 you spell wrong is information

  4. Safia Butt says:


  5. ValerieMelendrez News says:

    This is nothing

  6. MD Tahmid says:

    My teacher used this video to explain us about Newspaper Report.Thanks a lot on 19th I have exam.

  7. Mustafa Adnan says:

    U saved me from Exam

  8. J hunel says:


  9. Nashra Uddin says:

    you didnt give much exampels ….. idiot


  10. ash plays says:

    Thank you it was a task for school to write the report

  11. Onthatile Boikanyo says:

    This really helps with studying

    Who agrees

  12. xD0 says:

    Ummm…. anyone 2019

  13. Bastian Koralalage Nisali Elisha Rodrigo says:

    i watch this video for my 18th time .

  14. José Carlos says:

    Excelent Video. What software did you use to create this video? I would like to make one for the school.

  15. sasuke_uchiha12 says:

    i doing this do my work

  16. Salma Naim says:

    Who watched this for their English project 🤣😂

  17. Smilling Freddy says:

    Thanks this helped alot! Im actually a student journalist and our club is called "The Herald News Team" I really learned alot thanks again.

  18. Yogesh Kumar says:

    It helped me a lot thank u so much

  19. Amna Zahra says:

    Royal Birth: It really is a boy! congrats meghan and harry

  20. FOOLISH JAYDON says:

    I'm here for my revision

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