Daily Aspirin Could Be Harmful For Healthy, Older Adults, New Studies Find | NBC Nightly News

Researchers found that taking low dose aspirin did not prevent heart attacks or cardiovascular disease in healthy people over 70, and the daily pill increased the risk of serious health complications like stomach and brain bleeding.
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Daily Aspirin Could Be Harmful For Healthy, Older Adults, New Studies Find | NBC Nightly News

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15 Responses to Daily Aspirin Could Be Harmful For Healthy, Older Adults, New Studies Find | NBC Nightly News

  1. Fern Tom says:

    As far as I know , Aspirin acts on the platelets which live for 7days ; so if I take one every 7 days it will have an anticoagulant effect . But what about Aspirin preventing some types of cancer like colon cancer ?

  2. southerngent253 says:

    I'm almost 60, been taking a baby aspirin daily for about two years. About six months ago I started having severe stomach pains that have sent me to the ER. Now I'm thinking it could be the aspirin so I'm am going to stop taking it immediately. I pray my pain goes away.

  3. Core Cubed2 says:

    Definitely sounds like something seniors should avoid! A library of helpful resources related to improving heart health for the elderly can be found here: http://compassionstl.com/category/heart-health/

  4. Dan Woods says:

    Hopefully Trump and his supporters thinks this is another hoax and liberal conspiracy and they all gobble up aspirins in the handfuls

  5. Len Andersen BSChE Engineer says:

    Hope my tax money is used to contact all MD's about matter. The info is from the "New England Journal of Medicine". I have used such aspirin regiment and will advise my doctor friends.  Len Andersen 914-536-7101

  6. Mighty Pac-Man says:

    This is why I take Tylenol

  7. Max Mustermann says:

    proofen: birth will cause eventually death (100% a precondition)

  8. Uncommon Knome says:


  9. JR says:

    I respectfully disagree or would of had a heart attack by now lol …..look at all what Tylenol has been traced too…..aspirin will bring you down a little.

  10. Your Ignorance is their Power . says:

    It causes Liver damage.
    Do your research.

  11. Mys Led says:

    Why would you take one daily? I thought the benefit of taking a low dose aspirin against heart attacks or a stroke were if you felt as though you might be about to suffer one of those, would you than tale an aspirin.

    So if taking a daily dose of aspirin is potentially worse for you with the negative side effects, does the research say anything about taking a dose before having an attack?

  12. judge crater says:

    5 years from now, they will be saying the flu shot is useless.

  13. David Ellis says:

    That trend failed. Stick to the old 🍎 a day. Not 💊

  14. Crazy Kuup says:

    They should take it off the market!!!!!

  15. Idylchatter says:

    Better off with pycnogenol http://www.pycnogenol.com

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