Dangers of a Vegan Diet? (daily mail doodoo)

My response to a recent Daily Mail article called “Dangers of a vegan diet: Why a plant-based diet can crush your energy, skin and make you depressed”. Off to a great start with that title.



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20 thoughts on “Dangers of a Vegan Diet? (daily mail doodoo)

  1. My clinical depression decreased by 90% within the first three months of becoming vegan. I have Flawless skin and that has not changed. I have never had so much energy in my life! Difficult to explain but I also feel lighter and almost bouncy. I'm never weighed down after I eat even when I eat a huge meal. Daily Mail is well known to be a tabloid paper. Quote them to most people and they will simply laugh at you. Eating sugar refined carbohydrates like pastries and the like does not cause diabetes! More people have had violent arguments at me for saying that sugar does not cause diabetes and it simply does not. I had no issue with the farts because I had an issue before I went vegan. I have severe gastroparesis and my entire digestive tract runs on gravity there is no peristalsis any longer and has not been for a very long time. It was far worse before I became vegan and my problem was not farting and I still don't alot and never did.

  2. this article sound bit crazy and exagerated and im not even vagan, do to religious reasons i had to stop eating meat for more then a month and felt great , of course i did it the right way with right amount of protein and all , had no problemes contrary i did feel lighter with my stomach , i might just stick to fish from time to time

  3. More like the other way around, I haven't been happier, my skin has never so soft and acne-free and I have never had so much energy as now.

  4. I went vegan in April and a few months after I started getting acne and it's been getting worse and I'm still vegan. Now my face has completely broken out and it's only been getting worse it's REALLY bad I'm still vegan. Idk what to do I need help nothing works

  5. The Daily Fail is the worst newspaper in the world. They used to openly support fascism in the UK, and opposed letting in the Jews fleeing the Nazis.

  6. As a proud carnivore the amount of misinformation that many vegans on the internet trot out pisses me off. But this Daily Mail bullshit is just as bad if not worse. Here's the deal with any diet, whether your a carnivore like me or a mostly vegetarian or a full on veagan, your body needs a set number of nutrients a day. Macros your fats, carbs, proteins and fibers. Micros like your vitamins and minerals.

    My point is that it does not matter where these nutrients come from as long as it isn't highly processed crap you will be healthy if you get the right amount and exercise.

    Sorry for the long post I just needed to get my 2 cents in. Have a good day.

  7. I'm vegan, my boyfriend isn't. He picked me up from visiting my parents for the holidays, I was violently ill and hadn't eaten in two days. He had some type of meat dish in a "to go" box that he had picked up for us to eat on the way home. I ate around the meat, but I was so weak and sick I just said fuck it I haven't eaten in two days and I ate the meat, and no joke my face broke out, I haven't had a pimple in years and I got four pimples in less than a week because of the meat. Im better now and back to eating lots of rice potatoes oranges carrots etc and wow I feel so much better and my face cleared up. The dailymail article is complete bullshit, meat fucks with our bodies in SO many ways, we don't even realize it!! Not to mention it's cruel af!!!!

  8. As an occasional carnivore, I can confirm all of the ill effects of ignorance on the B12 issue. I occasionally suffer from iron overloading and so I have gyrated between minimal meat consumption and veganism over my life. I always became depressed and anxious on a vegan diet and never knew why until I had a serious breakdown several years ago and a simple blood test confirmed what has been discussed here. Ever since I have taken B12 and omega-3s, and I have never felt depressed or anxious in the same way. I wish that I had known this in my teens. I wish that factual and unbiased discussions about different diets were a mandatory part of the school curriculum. Who knows just how much mental health could be improved by a well-informed diet.

  9. I am SO glad you covered this! I read a DM article about veganism not long also and it was so ridiculous. I don't understand why people believe the drivel they write!

  10. Actually, if I remember correctly from my dietetics classes, quinoa, hemp, and some modified things such as tvp do have essential amino acids in adequate ratios, like meat does.

  11. Happy new Near. I'm glad you respond to stuff like this too so MictheVegan fans can shut up about you apparently not being vegan!

  12. The daily mail wrote an article about a prank video my buddy made. He went into a Safeway and bought a cake with a message saying "sorry I took off the wrong roof" at which point he explains to the bakery that he owns a roofing company and recently made an awful mistake. The daily mail took that video and slammed a company that doesn't even exist. total garbage.

  13. What article should I use to show my parents about a sustainable vegan diet? I have tried to convince my mother that a vegan diet, well planned is healthy. But however, especially after I lost a period for a while ( I was emotionally very low at that time and I think It’s the actual factor, not veganism) she became even more “hostile” towards veganism.

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