Day 5. Stretching Video, How to Stretch

Stretching Video, How to Stretch! Flexibility Katrina hodgson and Karena Dawn team up with Gabriella Reece from http to bring you 30 Days to Change Your Ways. Workouts, free fitness videos, lifestyle tips, healthy recipes and daily tips for 30 days! Blog on each day and you could be one of our top 20 winners who receive a gym bag with a Lucy Fitness tote and workout bottle, oakley sunglasses and much more!
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16 thoughts on “Day 5. Stretching Video, How to Stretch

  1. I love this!!! I’m a really flexible person and I could never find stretches that really stretched me haha, but this is the only video that I could feel it stretch it’s addicting to feel that pain lol thank you so much!!

  2. I love these “trainer” videos… well, they’re *all* trainer vids, but I love these that have so much instruction. 

  3. do a mini warm up like 5mins walking then do a small / quick stretch … then do your main cardio then do a long / deep stretch because it will be easier xx

  4. I have a question and I have heard different answers—is it better to stretch before AND after your workout or is it okay to do just after? b/c i prefer to warm up w/ a treadmill walk then stretch after my whole workout is done and my muscles are warm…what do u recommend?

  5. Most people aren’t as flexible, It’s ok to hold you calf if you can’t hold the foot, I thought that would be a good tip since it doesn take some time to be able to do that 🙂

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