20 thoughts on “Dear Durianrider- stop giving nutrition advice.

  1. I think sugar is bad for you because it creates AGEs (adv glycation endproducts) which end up damaging the proteins within your body. But I think the blanket statement that "anything processed is bad", i think that is not true. Vitamin c is processed, but I think we can agree that that is a good processed food to consume.

  2. You can disagree with me, doesn't fat mixed with sugar cause diabetes. He eats an extremely low fat diet or used to because now he's "too lean".

  3. Can you share the specifics of your diet in a video, as in a what I eat type of video? I think it'll help a lot of us whom might have been misguided or not getting the exact results we hoped. Do you follow a high fat diet? I'm curious to learn more!

  4. In a comment here you said: "Best part about this is not one person has commented to debate me and my opinion in this video. " So I'll take you up on that.

    First of all, do you know what ad hominem is? It's attacking someone personally without addressing their actual argument, which is what you mostly did here. Just because you call yourself an expert doesn't mean you really are. Just because you got a degree or took some course of whatever. And in this video you said that you don't know everything but then in the end of the video you said "I'm an expert.."??? Contradiction.

    The science of nutrition is very political and is still new compared to other sciences. There are many things we don't fully understand about nutrition.

    White sugar is simply dried cane juice from the sugarcane plant. Your body will use sugarcane as energy to burn or to store glycogen. There are some African countries that use sugarcane as a food source and they do not have the same rates of cancer as the west. The only problem with white sugar is that it doesn't provide minerals/vitamin C, but that is not a problem because no one simply just eats white sugar only when eating a health-food diet. The problem with things like flour and HFCS is not the sugar conversion of them, it's the other things that are in them like contaminants, heavy metals, and high-processing-produced toxins that have barely been studied. With soda, the problem is all of the additives and phosphoric acid and other things. The immune system and kidneys have to work to excrete these toxins.

    Do you falsely believe in the myth of foods that are called "sugar" when in reality they are actually high fat foods? When people think "sugar" (or starch) they think bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, crusty pies, pastries, donuts, muffins, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, noodles, and crackers. There are three problems with calling those foods "sugar." Firstly, all of those foods (besides pasta and noodles, which are just flour by themselves) are made with lots of fat, in the form of vegetable oils, margarine, or butter, so to call them "sugar" is a misnomer. People call pizza and ice cream "carbs" when in reality pizza and ice cream have more fat than they do carbs. Not only does pizza have plenty of cheese on it, the dough is made with vegetable oil. A cannoli and ice cream have more calories coming from their cream/fat content than from their starch/sugar content. Same with chocolate, it has more fat than sugar. Secondly, besides being baked/cooked with oils, margarine, or butter, those foods are also almost always consumed with added fat as well because no one eats those flour products without any fat. People always add oils and cheese/butter to them. You are considered a weirdo if you eat such foods fat-free. So when one is eating those foods, they have to consider the calories/additives/effects from the fat portion of those foods. Fat and sick people who drink HFCS soda do not just drink soda, they eat burgers, fries, pizza, and ice cream as well. The human being is naturally a high-sugar creature and when craving sweet, eating fruit or sweet potatoes is what you should do. Honey can help with a sweet craving, but we are meant to eat sweet whole foods like fruits and cooked sweet tubers because they come with fiber and nutrients.

    Listening to music you like and having sex also lights up your brain, like sugar. Are those bad now too?

    Sugar is so important that if you don't eat it your body will literally start turning your own muscles into sugar.

  5. Finally someone saying what I always say….. sugar is bad for you and the fact that they are telling that girl Julia Boehr i think it is whom I think has pcos, which I have… you can't especially eat refined sugar when you have that because you basically have diabetes. That's why she is starting to get male pattern baldness and looks so bloated. I feel so bad for the girl because she is totally brain washed by those two 🙁 and I personally know for a factttt that eating refined sugar will make allllllllllll symptoms of pcos WORSE, like way worse.

  6. I am infinitely grateful to you for sharing your wisdom. I have so much to say. . . I'm currently a meat eater, but as soon as I move out of my current home, with my current roommates (a toxic situation), I plan on going vegan. At the present, I am in pain and discomfort from a kidney stone. No health insurance, bad situation. . . blah, blah. I've had so many health issues before (spent a year in a body cast, growing up so many surgeries. No family.). But a few years ago I drastically reduced my meat and dairy intake, and I felt better than I EVER had (I was 32–now 36). You're such an inspiration. And your natural beauty is awesome. Thank you for calling out Freelee on the breast implants. Your natural beauty is great–it's only out done by your personality. Better times await me, and with your kind wisdom, I will improve myself and others. Pardon my lack of eloquence, it's compromised by the pain I am enduring.

  7. Great video! Liked and shared! We also know the effect of drinking soft drink loaded with sugar, has on the body. Why DR would recommend drinking Sprite? It's just plain is lunacy!

  8. These two morons have the audacity to go round giving expert advice. We can't stop them but we can try and wake up their cult members. Thanks for the vid. Really valuable.

  9. I thought sugar only causes insulin resistance in the presence of a higher fat intake, though? I know you'll get a blood sugar crash if not paired with antioxidants, but the insulin should be able to do its job, or is it that the body overcompensates insulin because of the shock and THEN you get insulin just hanging out causing resistance? I've always been confused on this topic.

  10. Best part about this is not one person has commented to debate me and my opinion in this video. Yet they will happily just THUMBS DOWN the video. Showing that each and every one of them is from an unhappy and uneducated troll. :))) tadaaaaa!

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