8 thoughts on “Diabetes diet – How to make Green juice without a juicer

  1. I myself am a diabetic and have been struggling with the raw food lifestyle
    that I want to have, its seem like my sugar levels are always high ranging
    around 150 – 230, so ya I would love to see more raw food recipes for
    diabetics that would help keep the levels lower. 🙂

  2. Alright! Yes I will do more of those but I can say I use just a tiny bit of
    fruits in my raw food diet, usually it’s quite a lot of it and good fats
    and proteins keep the blood sugar stable and the belly happy 🙂 I got some
    great tips and recipes in my free ebook and diet plan (link in description
    above) that you can get started with. Looking forward to give you new,
    helpful videos! Have a nice day 🙂

  3. You’re very welcome and thanks for letting me know 😉 There will be more!
    What you want to see more of in my videos? Have a great sunday!

  4. Im diabetic, want to change my diet from raw smoothies , green juice for
    breakfast lunch dinner and eat some salads salads.i need thing that will
    keep me full also. But doesn’t know where to start and how. Im confused
    want my blood sugar to stay 100, its always around 120- 140. Please help
    me…. what to eat all day long?? im struggling and desperate. I love
    fruits and afraid to eat them. Thank you so much. If any one see this
    message and have some tips. Please help me with raw diet.

  5. Hey Pascale and thanks for writing! I would love to help and I recommend
    you going to my website since I have tons of good stuff there. Could you
    email me at: diabeticdietguide@gmail.com and I can write more to you since
    Youtube comments have a very short limit of words to write? Take care and
    hope to hear from you! 🙂

  6. What is the blender? Even with the best blender, it still makes a smoothie
    and not a juice if that’s what you mean. I get great smoothies with my
    blender but the fiber is still there no matter if it’s a cheap one or a
    Vitamix/Nutribullet or any other top brand 🙂

  7. its the blender…nutribullet 99 dollars at Bed Bath and Beyond and then
    use 20 percent off coupon on their web site.

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